Next Noodle Bar

Wor Wonton
Seafood Laksa
Salt & Pepper Squid

Inconspicuous amongst the retail storefronts of west Robson Street, Next Noodle Bar in downtown Vancouver is a simple and easy stop for lunch or dinner.
Pan-asian food with selections culled from various Far East kitchens, most items are made to order hot and fresh and quickly brought to the table. With a widely varied & reasonably priced menu there’s something for everyone.








Order a lot of courses for a family style meal or individual plates are large enough to be an ample meal on their own. Judging from the few evenings I have visited they seem to cater to a fairly regular crowd of students and business people. My favourite dish is Wor Wonton, a hearty and huge bowl of soup filled with noodles, dumplings, char siu pork and vegetables. It’s very close to my mom’s homemade wonton soup (yes, my mother is Chinese). Seafood Laksa is also a tasty and hearty soup. Other faves appetizers are the crispy fried Shrimp Dragon Ball and the spicy Salt & Pepper Squid. With many more dishes to try, I’m sure I’ll stop by more often.
Give it a try and tell me what you like on the menu!

Next Noodle Bar is located at 560 Robson Street for dine-in, take out is also available phone 604.681.6398

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