Nikki Yanofsky opens for Il Volo

Nikki YanofskyNikki Yanofsky – Orpheum Theatre – August 25, 2013

Beginning a night of over achieving young adults, Nikki Yanofsky opened Il Volo’s ‘We Are Love Tour’ at Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre.  It is a great showcase for the young jazz singer the sold out show allowed Yanofsky to show off her vocal abilities before an appreciative mature audience.  Unfortunately, many didn’t initially know who the 19 year old was as she broke out her powerful but smooth jazz sounds. However, when she started talking about her fond memories of singing her signature song, “I Believe” during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, almost everyone knew the song. She has matured from the 16 year old Nikki Yanofskyrecording the Olympic anthem and now presented a sleeker more sultry style to the audience.  Her short set was half new material from her upcoming second album, “Little Secret” and a few covers – “Witchcraft” and channeling all her vocal power for an Etta James cover to wrap up the set.  Having this showcase to present her talent to the Il Volo fanbase is a great opportunity to reach Nikki Yanofskynew audiences to expand her own fanbase.

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