Noah & The Whale at Venue

Noah & The Whale – Venue – Nov 18, 2011

20111120-232024.jpgReturning to Vancouver for the second time this year, Noah & The Whale graced the stage at Venue. Suited and booted, the dapper looking quintet performed songs from their 3 albums but the largest applause of the evening was saved for the recent singles like “Tonight’s The Kind Of Night” and “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N”. Jumping right into the set the Twickenham group’s lead singer Charlie Fink chatted a little

Lead Singer Charlie Fink

between songs, telling the crowd song titles and little insights. The audience was heavily college aged and the youthful excitement of seeing the band in such a small intimate venue spread throughout the crowd.

The only downfall of the evening came after the end of the hour long main set. After ending on a high-energy note the band’s encore of two ballads drained the energy out of the audience and left us 20111120-232048.jpgwishing we’d left before the encore. However, that won’t stop me from seeing them next time they come to town.

*apologies for the lower photo quality, iPhone was the camera of the evening.




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