Nokia At Work : Lumia 920

Through their “Nokia At Work” program, I recently had the opportunity to trial the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.
Nokia is presenting the Lumia 920 as an ideal smartphone for business use and depending on what your business needs are, it is a good option.

It’s a physically attractive and well designed piece of hardware, solid metal and glass make it feel significant in your hand.
Like Windows 8 desktop your apps can be ‘pinned’ to your homepage so your most used items are handy at your fingertips. Other apps and tools are held in a easy to use list.

The best business app included with this phone is built-in Office; Word, Excel, Powerpoint are all fully working versions and sync to your desktop versions when connected to your Windows Skydrive account.  It’s great to be able to truly work on the go and be able to easily switch from mobile to desktop.  Windows “People” App is a great way to keep tabs on all your contacts and see what’s happening with their social media accounts, everything all in one place with simple to swipe views. The built-in Bing browser includes a QR Code / Microsoft Tag scanner as well as a Shazam-type music app.  “Me” is a nice spot to find everything about yourself, you can connect your Windows, Twitters & Facebook accounts to see all the activity in one easy list. While a unified email box would be handy, the email boxes are clean, simple and easy to use. The touch keypad has the right amount of sensitivity and the adjustable audible clicks make it easy to use.

Some of the native Nokia apps are excellent versions of every day smartphone features; Nokia City Lens is a great augmented reality way to explore your surroundings, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are both good maps / GPS options. The camera is fast, clear and very easy to use.
The downfall with this phone comes from some of the third-party apps, being a Windows phone it doesn’t have the same demand for all of the social media apps so I found that the Twitter and Facebook apps have poor UI. Tumblr doesn’t exist so a few work around apps are available that don’t live up to billing. I’m sure as Windows phones gain users these apps will gain and grow in quality.

Overall the Lumia 920 is a good option to consider when your office switches from your present smartphones.
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