Top 10 – Unofficial Holidays

In honour of the Victoria Day holiday this weekend, let’s take a look at some of the days that we ‘observe’ but haven’t made it to official public holiday status…yet. Some may seem odd but you’ve got to start somewhere

1. St. Valentine’s Day – we’ve been celebrating this one since Pope Gelasius I established the observance of Saint Valentine in 496 AD
2. St. Patrick’s Day – initially a religious observance of the patron saint of Ireland it has evolved into a reason to drink ‘green’ beer and party.
3. Mother’s Day – one of the earliest calls to celebrate Mother’s came in 1870 with printing of Mother’s Day Proclamation
4. Father’s Day – not as eagerly adopted as Mother’s Day, although observed as early as 1908, it took until 1966 for the first US Presidential proclamation of the celebration of Father’s
5. Halloween – derived from All Hallow’s Eve, it’s now the day to dress up to be whomever you want and eat lots of candy!
6. April Fools’ Day – A day to play tricks on friends, family and co-workers
7. Groundhog Day – Who sets the Groundhog’s alarm clock for him to emerge every Feb 2nd?
8. Cinco de Mayo – celebrating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French, this day is more observed outside of Mexico as more non-Mexicans celebrate (and drink beer) in Canada and the US.
9. Earth Day – The first Proclamation of Earth Day was in 1970 in San Francisco, the City of Saint Francis, patron saint of ecology.
10. Chinese/Lunar New Year – Celebrating the beginning of the new year in a number of cultures based on the lunar calendar.

Vancouver 2011 Outgames – POP Tour Update

Out In May! This weekend come out for a couple of fun evenings to support the Vancouver 2011 North America OutGames!

Friday 20th May The POP Tour visits 1181 at 7.00pm for Tennis Wii.
Outgames Cardholders get in for free and receive a drink special – prizes galore!

Saturday 21st May The POP Tour moves over to J Lounge at 8.00pm for Brandon Hamilton`s Star Extravaganza. Outgames Cardholders pay $10 instead of the regular $20 door price and again prizes and fun.

Vote Now! Urban Culture Conference

Coming up August 27-28, 2011 is the first Urban Culture Conference and Awards.  An amazing combination of entertainment, culture and awards show.
The beginnings of a great line-up has already been announced and with more acts being announced weekly this looks to be a one of a kind weekend!
To ensure that everyone can participate in the fun, voting is now open for the UCC Awards.
Categories include: Music, Blog, Arts, Sports, Style, Food, Media and Nightlife.  Multiple polls are under each category, vote for your favourite today!

What’s On – long weekend May 19-22 edition

“May Long” “May Two-Four” “Victoria Day”
Whatever you call it, it’s the traditional start of summer fun. The first long weekend, it’s time to shed the winter doldrums and have some fun!

Thursday  – May 19
Start the long weekend early with
– While wishing Jay Brazeau a speedy recovery from his recent stroke, the show goes with Andy Toth as Enda Turnblad in Hairspray, continuing at Arts Club Theatre Company.
– Help Joan-E spread some goodwill at the 15th Anniversary Bingo For Life supporting Friends for Life Society
– In Victoria, the 14th Annual UNO Fest begins. Produced by Intrepid Theatre UNO is 10 days of solo works from across the country.

Friday – May 20
– For one night only, catch the hilarious Tracy Morgan at the Orpheum Theatre
– NY based duo Phantogram perform an early show at Venue
– if you’re feeling flush take off to Las Vegas with JetSet Crew as they lead a crew of Vancouverites on a weekend of fun!

Jimmy Eat World

Saturday – May 21
Jimmy Eat World brings their alterna-rock to the Commodore Ballroom
– Grab your disco stick at head to ANZA club for Supernature

Sunday – May 22
– The Vancouver Convention Centre will be shaking as David Guetta gets the city dancing.
– If the smooth stylings of Boys II Men are onstage at Gossip Nightclub.

Government House Victoria – A Home for all British Columbians

High on a hill overlooking all of Victoria, majestic Government House is the Ceremonial Home of all British Columbians.  As the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor, the

representative of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada, Government House is the Province’s centre of hospitality, hosting royalty, dignitaries, and honoured guests of the Province.  However, the house is not only for the elite,  school & group tours and the Annual New Year’s day Levee (open house) welcome all British Columbians into the historic house.

While the stately home is impressive the showpiece of the National Historic Site are the 36acre gardens.  With stunning views out over the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Peninsula beyond, meander the grounds to find formal gardens, orchards, native plant gardens and a rare 22 acre Garry Oak ecosystem.  Maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers, these gardens truly are there for all British Columbians to enjoy. Next time you make a trip to Victoria, be sure to stop and check out this little known gem!

Stunning views over the Juan de Fuca Strait

Government House is located at 1401 Rockland Ave in Victoria, BC, except on rare special occasions, the grounds and gardens are open daily from dawn to dusk and are free of charge.  School and Group tours are available upon request.

Yelle – French Fab

Yelle – Commodore Ballroom – May 13, 2011

I didn’t really know them and I couldn’t understand them but I was completely won over by French pop trio, Yelle.
Debuting onstage draped in, what appeared to be, army camouflage netting, lead singer Yelle (Julie Budet), backed by bandmates – Grand Marnier and Tepr, had the crowd eating out of her hand immediately.
After the first song, followed by a quick change into a sexy animal print dress then a catsuit, Yelle bounced and danced across full of slinky, sultry energy. In support of their recent release Safari Disco Club, the 75 minute set was a dance party on and off the stage. While many probably didn’t understand all the words, the audience danced and punched the air for the entire evening of fun Euro-pop. The set flew by, leaving everyone wanting more and hopefully Yelle will return soon to deliver it!

Top 10 Phobias

In honour of yesterday’s occurance of Friday the Thirteenth and people with triskaidekaphobia, I found this list of the Top Ten Common Phobias:

1. Acrophobia – Fear of Heights
2. Claustrophobia – Fear of Enclosed Spaces
3. Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark
4. Ophidiophobia – Fear of Snakes
5. Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders
6. Trypanophobia – Fear of Injection or Medical Needles
7. Astraphobia – Fear of Thunder and Lightning
8. Nosophobia – Fear of Having a Disease
9. Mysophobia AKA Germophobia – Fear of Germs
10. Triskaidekaphobia – Fear of the Number 13