No Place Like Home – Whitecaps FC V Chivas USA

Whitecaps FC V Chivas USA – Empire Field – April 16, 2011

Keeping their undefeated home streak alive, Whitecaps FC held the visiting Chivas USA to a nil-nil draw at Empire Field. It seems that the Whitecaps have a hard time travelling as both losses of the

Northgate All-Stars

season have been away matches and neither has been a particularly great performance. At home it’s been a different story does the home crowd really give the team an advantage?
The ’12th Man’ (the crowd) plays such an important part to a match as they provide the added boost to the home team to keep playing their best. To the away team the noise and support

Northgate All-Stars with Spike

 provided to the hosts can be a distraction that can (and hopefully does) throw off their game.
The rolling chants of WHITE & CAPS from the opposite sides of the pitch are followed by the end to end taunting of each, the Southsiders and the Northgate All-stars, supporter’s group, to see who was the better bigger booster all create a great supportive atmosphere in Empire Field.

Man Of The Match - Jay Nolley

Although this match against Chivas wasn’t the best performance by the Whitecaps, they managed to hold the visitors off the goal. Did the support of the crowd give them just that little but extra.  Both teams had chances, but ‘keeper Jay Nolley kept the Whitecaps in the hunt by consistantly denying Chivas’ attempts. As Coach Tietur Torteson keeps tinkering with the line due to suspensions and injury the players don’t seem to have gelled and don’t appear to trust the players on the pitch with them. Miscconnections and fumbled calls have led to missed goal opportunities or free kicks going against them. Hopefully a regular line-up will appear soon to get that ‘finish’ that they’re missing presently plus ensure the fans have something to cheer about.   
We want to continue to see lively crowd bringing the now standard cacaphony to the stands.  Now if we can just get them to travel well and deal with the away fans…we’ll have a winning combination!

Vancouver Sun Run 2011

Vancouver Sun Run 2011

Sun Run Starting Line

Somehow the Sun must like this race being named in it’s honour (in fact the title sponsor is local paper; The Vancouver Sun) as the wacky weather of the previous week gave way to beautiful sunshine.
An estimated 49,365 participants lined up along Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver to start the 27th annual 10k fun run.
Again this year I was happy to be there to support my friend Brian and amazingly proud that he was able to run a personal best 10k.
Although I couldn’t see them in the massive crowd I also was cheering on numerous other friends running. Our other friend, Billy couldn’t find his co-workers running either.

Approaching the Finish Line

A word of advice to supporters and friends, make sure you have a clearly defined meeting place to send off from the starting line and meet up again at the finish line.
Do not rely on “I’ll see you there” and expect to easily find your friends, mobile reception can be spotty as 10’s of thousands of participants all get on their phones at the same time.
Most of all, even though you may not see your friends, cheer on everyone, they all deserve it!
See you next year!

Foals – Rock Gods In The Making?

Foals – Commodore Ballroom – April 10, 2011

While they may be from Oxford, England, the bandmates in Foals couldn’t be further from the staid uniformed college life.  These five floppy haired, shoe gazing, rock hellions have evolved from the first time they played Vancouver, then they seemed overjoyed but anxious to be playing in front of a paying audience.  Fast forward to the present, they now seem more comfortable, like they’re still in their garage, playing for themselves, for the sheer enjoyment of the music.  Whether the audience was there or not seemed incidental, they tore through each song with vigour. Some great, huge guitar riffs ran seamlessly from one song to the next, reminiscent of a 70’s psycadelic, prog-rock act.  Judging by the stream of preppy college kids leaving the venue during the show this lack of audience interaction left some of the more casual fans out in the cold.  However, the Foal’s true fans seemed to be going right along for the ride, bouncing and fist pumping to every beat. Occassionally, when lead singer Yannis Philippakis would look up to make the odd comment to the crowd it reaffirmed their love for the band.  As the set drew closer to the end, as though reading a “how to be a rock star” book, antics continued with mic stands kicked over, Yannis climbing the speaker tower, guitars being smacked against whatever was nearby, drumsticks thrown at the crowd but beneath all these showy antics was some damn fine tunes. If Foals can find a balance between the two aspects they just might be a truly great band. Let’s see what the future holds.

Top 10 Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts of Airline Travel

Since I’m flying off to Vegas this weekend it reminded me of the things I hate when travelling so I thought I’d share some of my (and I’m sure other people’s) pet peeves.

1. DO arrive in plenty of time for your flight. If you can’t make it on time don’t expect to be pushing your way past those of us who are on time for our flights.
2. DON’T forget your documents and information for check-in, security and customs…the lines move slowly enough already.
3. DO have those documents ready and available for check-in, security and customs…the lines move slowly enough already.
4. DON’T pack anything in your carry-on baggage that isn’t allowed to travel. Pack Smart
5. DO board the plane in an orderly and efficient fashion;  find your seat and step out of the way of others trying to get by.
6. DON’T carry-on too much stuff and hog the overhead bins.
7. DO travel with your children but be prepared to keep them quiet and entertained on a long journey. You don’t want them to end up in an overhead bin!
8. DON’T be a seat hog! Unless you know the person next to you, chances are they don’t want you falling asleep sprawled out all over them.
9. DO enjoy your refreshments and food that you’ve brought with you but try not to bring food that will stink up the plane!
10. DON’T talk too loud, yes, there is background plane noise but if people can hear you even with their headphones on…it’s too loud!!

Happy Travels!

Urban Culture Conference & Awards 2011

In spite of the “no-fun city” naysayers, Vancouver is a city rich in culture and diversity with unique artists, creators and performers around every corner.
The first annual Urban Culture Conference & Awards (UCC) aims to capitalize on this rich tapestry of arts and culture by gathering them all together for one great weekend this summer!
Awards in categories ranging from music, art and fashion to social media and sports will be voted on by the public via the UCC website making sure this in an inclusive event where we are all welcome to express our tastes and interests.
In addition to the awards show the weekend will include; live performances, sports, sponsor exhibits, guest speakers and seminars.  All bringing together the thoughts, inspiration and recognition of the urban generation.
Keep watching the UCC website for more information, contests, giveaways, secret parties and the award nominees.

The POP Tour -“Pre-Outgames Party Tour” is coming!

The GLISA 2011 North America Outgames will be held in Vancouver from July 25th to July 31st 2011!
To put on an 18 sporting events, a Human Rights Conference and nightly cultural, entertainment events takes a lot of people and volunteers are needed.
The POP Tour is making it’s way around the city signing up volunteers. In addition, the Outgames ‘Fast Track Pass‘, which give you VIP access, discounts and door prizes for card holders, are on sale.
Current Pass holders get free admission to POP Tour parties!

The next POP Tour stops are:
April 16 – 8pm at Oasis Ultra Lounge
April 23 – 7pm at 1181 Davie
May 5 –  6pm at Moxie’s On Davie

Stop by one of these evenings, have some fun, learn about the Outgames and maybe you’ll want to volunteer!

Record Store Day 2011 – April 16

Remember those 12inch round vinyl discs your parents used to have around the house? Long before the days of downloading and iTunes there were record stores where people went to buy music.  Some of these establishments still exist, not music store you find at the mall which sells mostly dvds, real music stores, staffed by music lovers, scattered with fanboys and collectors huddled over bins full of vinyl.

If you love vinyl and have a favourite haunt to buy records and learn about the latest or greatest older music Saturday April 16 2011 is the day to celebrate. Record Store Day is the annual day to celebrate independent record stores around the world. The one day artists and shops come together to recognize the importance of these music vendors. Special performances, signings and one of a kind releases are just some of the unique events happening on the day.  Look for your local independent music store and see what’s happening in your city. Then get out and celebrate and appreciate your independent record store!