Danko Jones – They Came, They Saw, They Rocked

Danko Jones – Commodore Ballroom Vancouver – January 28, 2011

Dan Cornelius (drums) & Danko Jones (vocals/guitar)
Dan Cornelius (drums) & Danko Jones (vocals/guitar)

Toronto rockers, Danko Jones did just that at the Commodore Ballroom, delivering a loud night of full-on rock and the sell-out crowd was clearly ready to receive the goods.

After 15 years of touring and 5 releases the Danko Jones threesome; Dan Cornelius (drums), John Calabrese (bass) & Danko Jones (vocals/guitar), have certainly earned their rock badge and know how to please an audience.

Dan Cornelius (drums) & John Calabrese (bass)
Dan Cornelius (drums) & John Calabrese (bass)

They worked the audience into a rambunctious, crowd surfing, pogo’ing mass, feeding them more rock throughout the 80 minute set.

I do think the band could rely on it’s music abilities and songwriting to prove ‘they rock’ instead of criticizing & calling out other music artists and corporations as though trying to show how ‘hardcore’ anti-establishment they are…although these rants did help fuel the audience, so they clearly know what they’re doing.

Danko Jones

Loud, hard and fast was the theme of the night…everything you should expect from a proper rock band.

Interpol – Kicks off N. American Tour

Interpol - Orpheum VancouverInterpol – Orpheum Theatre Vancouver – January 27, 2011

Looking fittingly sartorial for the elegance of the classic Orpheum Theatre, Interpol kicked off their North American tour with a 90 minute set that had the sold out crowd on its feet from start to finish.

Returning from a recently completed  European tour the band seemed thrilled to bring promotion of their self-titled fourth album back home to this side of the Atlantic.  Kicking off the night with “Success” the set mixed about half of the current album with hits and faves from their previous releases.Interpol Orpheum Vancouver II

Interpol showed no signs of wear from having recently finished a long tour abroad but rather renewed excitement to embark on this leg. That excitement extended into the audience who filled the floor of the auditorium with enthusiasm (kudos to the Orpheum staff for going against the norm & allowing fans to move into the aisles & front of stage areas) The enthusiasm extended throughout the night and after as the chatter on the street was filled with raves for the show just witnessed!Interpol Orpheum Vancouver III

Don’t miss the chance to see Interpol as they come to a city near you!
Interpol 2011 North American Tour Dates:

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Andrew Allen – is ‘Loving You Tonight’

Andrew Allen – Commodore Ballroom – January 15, 2011

Andrew Allen

Great to see BC’s own up and coming singer songwriter Andrew Allen again in this opening slot before local icon’s Loverboy. Although the audience wasn’t necessarily there for his set the crowd got into Andrew’s blend of light airy pop/rock.  His 35 minute set was infused with witty banter and stories about the background of his songs.  Even his cover of Sublime’s “What I Got” got the ‘Andrew Allen’ treatment to become a fun, audience participation exercise…snapping, clapping and singing along was the order of the night.  The biggest applause of the night came for his radio/iTunes single “Loving You Tonight” but with a full album coming in the spring I’m sure it won’t be long before every song is greeted with huge applause and Andrew Allen is headlining The Commodore Ballroom.

New Artist Alert: Mark Munroe

Like many people, Mark Munroe says he had dreams be an entertainer since he was a young boy, however unlike many people, he’s making that dream a reality. When asked he says “at a certain point in my life, about 5 years ago, I decided to follow those dreams with everything I had.”

So Mark embarked on fulfilling a dream, with the support of his family of whom he says “…my Parents have been 110% behind me all the way, and are my biggest cheerleaders and fans”, he left the stability of 9 to 5 banking world behind.  Mark dropped some weight, got in shape and sculpted his body to achieve his first goal of becoming a top male model.

Mark Munroe - Model

Success followed, working for clients like BOSS, Motorola, Lush, Colgate as well as UMM, Company, DNA and Cosmopolitan Magazines.

Next the opportunity to lead and write a full length album with a band marked his first foray into the music industry. While writing, touring and promoting the album the third step in his entertainment domination presented itself.

This time TV beaconed, with a lead in episodes of Body Language and a judging stint on …Last Bride Standing“, various music videos, guest spots and reality shows followed.

This all leads us to today and a new solo venture into pop music. …Secrets and Lies“ is the first single from his forthcoming independant solo debut …The Life That I Designed“.

What a great title, not only a play on his model’s life but of a man in control of his own destiny.

Singles & Lies

After an initial hesitant listen ‘Secrets and Lies’ has grown on me to become an incredibly catchy retro sounding pop song. It’s the type of song that begs for a great dance-floor filling remix, which appears in the works since Mark recently tweeted his search for a DJ to assist in the task.
Coming from a family background of professionals hasn’t stopped him from leaping head first into the entertainment business, learning on the go.  A diligent self promoter Mark is constantly filling his fans in on his activities via Facebook Twitter and his Blog, including a recent revelation about his sexuality, a long term relationship and the industry’s view point of keeping him in the closet. With his single for sale on iTunes and getting radio airplay around the world it’s time for Model-Actor Mark Munroe to add another hyphen: -Popstar to his resume. Perhaps the time isn’t far off when he won’t need a hyphen at all…everyone will know his name.

Movie Review- TRON:Legacy

Spoiler Alert: depending on your level of anticipation you may not want to read anything about Tron: Legacy before it opens so stop reading.

TRON: Legacy

The buzz and anticipation surrounding this release is huge! Mobile phones & cameras turned into security before the movie, bags searched and magnetic wands before entering the theatre are just some of the measures taken at the Vancouver Cast and Crew screening to prevent movie piracy of this upcoming Disney blockbuster. The movie was principally filmed in and around Vancouver last year, luckily a crew member invited me to come along to the preview.

A follow up to the 1982 Disney live action/animated sci-fi classic TRON, which you don’t have to have seen in order to enjoy TRON:Legacy. This sequal advances the story of Jeff Bridges character Kevin Flynn as we and his adult son, Sam (played by Garrett Hedlund with a perfect combination of boyish enthusiasm and manly bravado) find out what’s happened over the last 20 years. Through amazing animation effects Jeff Bridges also reprises his role as Clu, his cyberworld equivalent who hasn’t aged at all over the last two decades. On the other hand Bruce Boxleitner, also reprises his original role of Alan Bradley; who, having been on the outside of the game, is now a senior member of the Encomm board of directors. Another excellent addition to the cast is Micheal Sheen, in a small but scenery chewing role as a nightclub owner.

Without giving any storyline away, I will say that the visuals on this film were stunning, every artistic detail from set, to costume and hair to the amazing technology used in their Light Bikes and Light Jets. By blending 2D and 3D in the filmmaking akes the film seem somehow more ‘real’ while not being over the top and distracting with the every little shot in the movie ‘coming out of the screen’ in 3D.

The original soundtrack by electronic mega stars, Daft Punk fit perfectly into the movies score. The dynamic duo even had a cameo during a club scene.

Speaking of cameos, see if you can figure out the future villain of the ‘in the works’ TRON: Three.

Overall the sights, sounds, solid acting by the leads; Bridges, Hedlund and female lead Olivia Wilde were a great combination to make us laugh, cry, cheer and leave  wanting more!

Go see it!