Paulie’s Kitchen at Yaletown Distilling Company

The Distillery Bar  There’s a new kid in town! Yaletown has welcomed a new addition to Mainland Street, but it’s a relative to a long time resident.The Distillery Bar

Yaletown Distilling Company is an offshoot of the Yaletown Brewing Company, capitalizing on the recent trend in local craft distilleries.  Featuring herbal infused vodkas and gins distilled in an imported Bavarian still which creates some of the bar’s unique cocktail concoctions.  On a sunny day The Distillery Bar’s large patio is sure to be a big draw, similar to the neighbouring Yaletown Brewing Company it’s bound to be a local gathering place for some great refreshing cocktails. Visiting shortly after the beautifully ‘old-world’ restaurant lounge opened our drinks seemed to take quite a while (as did those for diners at the next table) and there was a few service bugs that will surely be worked out with experience.
Paulies KitchenAdjoining the bar is Paulie’s Kitchen an Italian meatball bar & cafe to supply the drinkers with some hearty meaty fare.  Since it is a meatball bar the menu is extensively meat based. The hand rolled meatballs are available in chicken, beef & veal, pork or veggie and can be served on their own as an appetizer or with your choice of pasta and sauce.  Which is what I chose, while the serving was on the small side it was a very tasty.  Looking around the large patio we were seated at the Hero sandwiches and flatbreads looked to be Paulies Kitchenpopular amongst diners. There are a few other stuffed pasta dishes on the menu and a 3 “Dinner” choices on the menu; Osso Bucco, Brick Oven roasted Chicken and Shrimp Scampi. The later was chosen by my companion and while the taste was great the garlic butter base was a bit excessive leaving qPaulies Kitchenuite a bit of butter behind in the dish.
Overall The Distillery Bar and Paulie’s Kitchen are worth a return visit and hopefully will become longterm Yaletown inhabitants like their sister bar has been.

Yaletown Distilling Company is located at 1131 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Ph: 604.669.2266



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