Personal Training with Alex Jack

As many of you know, I regularly work out regularly, as a formerly very overweight person it’s been a constant challenge to keep up the battle of the bulge. Since starting working out last year I managed to lose about 90lbs of fat and replace it with muscle, thanks in no small part to the motivation, assistance and influence of personal trainer Alex Jack.
While personal training is not a low cost option it can definitely be a huge help in getting the job done, correctly. A personal trainer can help motivate you, make sure you’re performing exercises with proper form, give you the confidence to work on machines and equipment you’re unsure of, and keep you accountable and sticking to your program.
I’ve learned so much from Alex and having him work with me regularly at the start of the challenge really got results quickly. Since last year, I’ve checked in with him on occasion to get new workout routines and motivation.
In an effort to help boost the motivation and keep myself accountable this summer, I’ve enlisted Alex’s assistance to include fitness tips and hints in upcoming posts.

Watch over coming weeks and let’s work together to boost up all of our fitness!

Alex Jack is originally from Toronto where he worked as a personal trainer at Good Life Fitness before moving to Vancouver about 3 years ago. His qualifications include:
– CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
– CSEP Certified Fitness Consultantk
– Fitness & Health Promotions Program, Niagara College
– Athlete Performance Coaching Mentorship
– Functional Movement Screening Specialist
– Group Cycling Instructor
– CPR/First Aid/AED

2 Replies to “Personal Training with Alex Jack”

  1. Jay,

    Very inspiring! It is always a highlight of my day when I see you at the club. Congratulations on your success so far, keep it up! Maybe an enrty into a marathon or adventure race is next?

    Talk to you soon,
    Mike Leo.

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