Pet Shop Boys Come West

Pet Shop Boys – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – October 3, 2013

A packed house at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre anxiously awaited the return of the Pet Shop Boys to Vancouver.  A dramatic and stunning visual opening montage began the show before the due began performing “Axis” then a mix “One More Chance / Face Like That” from behind the hanging screen. Just barely able to make them, their pointy hats and porcupine inspired outfits, out through the sheer fabric, the anticipation built even more. With a vocorder enhanced “Hello Vancouver, We are Pet Sh9p Boys. Welcome to Electric” announcing the name of this concert tour,  the screen dropped to the opening strains of “Opportunities(Let’s Make Lots Of Money)”.  As expected Chris Lowe, stayed behind his keyboard and computer screen while Neil Tennant worked the whole stage, aided by a pair of backup dancers, energizing the crowd with each song.

Costumes changes interspersed throughout the 100min set, highlighted by the dancing Minotaurs after the first dance break. Lowe’s trademark ball-cap gave way on a couple of the many costume changes, replaced by a Minotaur head or a mirrored disco ball.  The quick breaks to changes were filled with more of their great beats and the amazingly costumed dancers. Each return to the stage introduced another other the bands great beat-filled tracks from their three decade long career. Classics like “West End Girls”, “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing”, “It’s A Sin”, “Domino Dancing” and “You Were Always On My Mind” filled the set keeping the fans cheers, clapping and dancing. Mixed in with new songs from their most recent album “Electric” and book-ended with “Axis” and “Vocal”.  Returning to the stage one last time after saying good-night, the perfect communal ‘moment’ came as the entire audience sang “together” during “Go West”, a great way to wrap up a night of dancing, singing and reminiscing.

Pet Shop Boys continue their “Electric” tour down the West Coast until mid-October, follow them on Twitter @PetShopBoys and

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