Petunia And The Vipers

Petunia And The Vipers – Ukrainian Cultural Hall – November 2, 2013

Petunia And The VipersThe Hall was filled with excited revellers as Petunia And The Vipers made their biannual return to Vancouver.  From the first note, the dancefloor was hopping as the band turned out their blend of rockabilly, country, folk and rock for the audience. The wildly diverse crowd matched the diverse music on deck for the night. The tables at the back of the room were surrounded while the dancefloor was jammed with revellers. Swing dancing, country two-steps and a spontaneous line dance took over the floor.4541
The dapper quintet whipped through a lively mix over the 75 minute first set, another second set followed later in the night, to truly entertain and demonstrate why their local fan base has expanded to nearly outgrow the Ukrainian Hall, as noted by Petunia when explaining that they will need to move to a larger venue next trip. If the buzz running through the room gets passed on to one more person per fan they will definitely need a space twice as large.
PetuniaVipers_Album-Art-CD-Baby-copyPetunia And The Vipers continually tour all around the globe, if you’re able to catch them on the road you’ll be treated to a great time, if not wait to see them on their next visit to Vancouver. You can also catch a listen on their latest album  available now on their website.

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