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Building Bricks
From making bricks...

Through a friend I was recently introduced to a local charity making a global difference.  Project World Citizen was founded by Vancouver based entrepreneurs and philanthropists Anna Soper and Joel Primus.  Avid travellers who saw the social injustices and inequities of the third world, they felt a desire to give back and do their part to right these wrongs.  Based on Anna’s first hand knowledge of a need in Ghana Project World Citizen was founded to “empower the locals and provide a lasting solution to a very basic, but extremely powerful need. Eduction.” says Joel Primus.  In order to be accepted in to post secondary education in Ghana, students must have taken a computer course. However, almost no computers exist outside of the capital city meaning rural students have almost no chance of furthering their education. lab building the computer lab.

The Project’s first project to build a rural computer lab is almost complete, the building has been built and all the remains is outfitting it to allow their first classes of students to alter their future.  The final donation drive is now under way to raise the final $800 needed to complete the project.  Visit Project World Citizen’s website or Facebook page to take part,  give back and be a World Citizen.

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