Q & A : Quizzes & Alcohol

Pub quizzes have been popular around the globe for decades, especially in the UK where some 20,000 quizzes take place each week, lately more & more Vancouver watering holes have joined the pub quiz game.
Games of trivia and general knowledge are always popular, add in a drink or two and the game becomes even more fun.
The popularity of a pub quiz can be good for business as it helps give a reason to some out on a otherwise less popular evening and encourages patrons to hang out for a while longer than perhaps they otherwise would, in hopes of winning the quiz.
One of the most popular and long standing pub quizzes, and my personal fave,  “What The #!*@? – The Original Mount Pleasant Pub Quiz” takes place every second Monday (alternating with Name That Tune Bingo) at The Cascade Room on Main Street. Put together from scratch each time by Quiz Mistress Karen Nicolay, the Monday night event was voted Best Pub Quiz by Georgia Straight readers and has become the place to be,  with a first-come-first-service entry, you’re best advised to get there early.
Besides The Cascade Room, Vancouver has a number of Pub Quizzes each week to put your brains to the test;

The Academic – Mondays
The Cove – Mondays
Relish GastroPub – Tuesdays

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