Rifflandia Festival Survival Tips

The 4th annual Rifflandia Festival is coming up in a few weeks in Victoria, here’s a few tips to having a good time and catching your favourite bands.

1. Keep your wristband snug and safe, if you lose it, you’re screwed. They cannot be replaced.
2. If you really must see a band, plan your day, check the schedule and prepare for line ups. Best bet is to go to the venue early and stay until the band you want to see is on stage.
3. Expect the unexpected, don’t be surprised if your plan goes awry, line ups and some of the night stages might reach capacity and prevent you from getting in to see a band.
4. Go with the flow, use the festival to introduce yourself to new music and artists.  Just randomly show up at a venue, you never know what gem you might discover.
5. Be friendly and respectful of other festival goers, everyone is there to experience great music. You are all in the same boat.

Rifflandia Festival takes place September 22-25, 2011 at various venues around Victoria.  Tickets are still available online or instore around Victoria.

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