Sam Roberts Band – Kicks off summer

Sam Roberts Band – Malkin Bowl – May 29

Nothing feels like summer like a Sam Roberts concert, seems every year he brings fresh pop/rock sounds out on a summer tour.  Often he performs in outdoor venues in Vancouver and Malkin Bowl is one of the best in the city.  It’s large enough for a good size crowd and atmosphere but also has an intimacy, being surrounded by the tall trees, it’s easy to forget you’re on the edge of the city.
While officially on tour to promote his newest release Collider, during the 2 hour set, Sam and his band played a selection of tunes from all his albums.  Early hits like, “Don’t Walk Away Eileen”, “Where Have All The Good People Gone” and “Bridge To Nowhere” sounded great alongside new tracks “I Feel You” and “Last Crusade”.
After nearly a decade on the Canadian music scene, Sam has amassed a diehard fan base, guys dig him, girls adore him. His music appeals to a wide audience as witnessed by the collection of pre-teens who were dancing and playing around Malkin Bowl. An all ages show, it had a great friendly vibe and I’m sure that was helped along by the seemingly large quantities of BC’s best underground crop was being consumed. Even without the assistance, the mellow, happy-go-lucky personality Sam exudes takes over the crowd and everyone feels good.  He genuinely seems to like and appreciate his audience as witnessed by the amount of time he spent hanging onstage, after the set, applauding and signing items for the audience. Even though the evening was of the first nice ones of the year, his personality would have warmed up the night no matter what. The perfect start to summer in the city!

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