It’s Friday the 13th! Put on your lucky Saxx Underwear

Pro-Elite Boxer Brief
Pro-Elite Longjohn Flys

It’s Friday the 13th, you don’t want to be unlucky & get caught with your pants down. However, with the good looks and feel of Saxx Men’s Underwear you might get lucky if people saw what you had to offer underneath your jeans.
Saxx offers a great line of  lightweight underwear in four lengths; Trunks, Boxer Briefs, Longlegs  and Longjohns.
Available in four fabrics styles each with its own wear-ability and benefits.  24-Seven is a cotton/spandex blend made for long wearing everyday comfort.  Pro-elite is a polyester/spandex version good for athletic wear. Ultra is a lightweight viscose/spandex easy to fit under your skinny jeans. Luxuryis a modal/cotton/spandex line made for the ultimate comfort.

Ultra Trunk

However, as comfortable and stylish as all of the lines are the true comfort secret of Saxx is what’s inside.  Every pair of Saxx features a breathable inner comfort pouch to support and keep your equipment in place.  The ergonomic polyester/spandex mesh panels keeps you cool, dry and comfortable whatever you’re doing. No inner seams means no irritations and the moisture wicking waste band makes sure the maximum comfort is in every pair of Saxx.

Egronomic Pouch

Presented in award winning packaging these underwear make sure your ‘package’ is presented at its best too. Grab your own pair from retailers across North America and see what the hype is about.

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