Simian Mobile Disco at Venue

Simian Mobile Disco at VenueSimian Mobile Disco – Venue – December 4, 2012

British electronic dance music duo, Simian Mobile Disco performed a full PA set at Venue in Vancouver on Tuesday night. Rainy and wet outside the duo, James Ford and Jas Shaw heated up the night and club as everyone got their dance moves going.
The audience filled the dance floor as the group mixed, remixed and modulated their way into their hearts. You could certainly feel it in your heart at times as the rhythm of the tracks and beat of dancers on the floor went throughout the room.
Looking a bit more like science majors than rock stars, Ford & Shaw concentrated on the work in front of them, a compact array of keyboards, samplers, mixing boards and accompanying technology. While it’s not necessary for Electronic Dance Music artists to interact with the audience I would’ve like to see this group face the audience a bit more often. They had their kit set up so their backs were to the audience for the majority of the show. But audience interaction is not really what the crowd was were coming for, they wanted to dance and that’s what they got. Infectious, entertaining, smoothly remixed Electronic Dance Music, that leaves them wanting more. That’s what Simian Mobile Disco are all about.Simian Mobile Disco in Vancouver

Simian Mobile Disco are on the road supporting their October released EP A Form Of Change, with opening act, JDH and Dave P from Fixed NYC, for the remainder of 2012.

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