Spirit Of The West celebrate 30 years

Spirit Of The West – Commodore Ballroom – March 16, 2013

The perfect performers for a Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, Vancouver legends Spirit Of The West took to the Commodore Ballroom stage before a sold out audience. The boisterous St Paddy’s crowd were ready to party into the night and they got a rollicking sing-along good time. The band, lead by John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly, were in a familiar place as they mentioned this was their 36th performance at Commodore Ballroom and by the sounds of the crowd they were more than familiar with the folk icons. After 30 years of performing together, their banter and stage presence is second nature.  After all these years and shows surely many of the audience members were repeat customers and knew what they were to expect, for some it was a return to their youth or college days. The audience’s energy was fed and perhaps outmatched by the amazingly energetic lead-singer as John Mann lept and danced around the stage. It was indeed a fun time as the Commodore Ballroom’s famous sprung dancefloor got a good workout as everyone bounced and danced the night away.  I’m sure most of them didn’t want the evening to end.

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