St Louis makes the Canucks sing the Blues

Canucks v Blues – Oct 26, 2011

In a rather lacklustre performance the Vancouver Canucks lost 3-0 to the St Louis Blues at Rogers Arena.  Following a previous night’s Canucksloss to Edmonton in which Roberto Luongo let in 3 goals and was pulled, Cory Schneider started in goal against the Blues. Lu has had to bear the brunt of the negativity towards the team as they get off to a rocky start of the long season. However since he didn’t play and they still lost with Schneider letting in just as many goals, Luongo cannot be blamed on this night.  Somehow the fans have overlooked the fact that the Canucks are not scoring goals, it doesn’t matter how many goals are let in, you still have to score to win.
Vancouver is a major hockey city and has one of the best fan bases in the NHL with over 360 consectutive sellouts. Having just heard a keynote speach at the Tourism Industry Conference by Canucks C.O.O. Victor de Bonis addressing all the great accolades and support the Canucks players, management and ownership have recieved and how they give back to the community, it seems in contrast to this game.  The players seemed to not have any drive to get the job done and as a result the fans were subdued and unhappy with the results. With the excitement of last seasons Stanley Cup run still fresh in people’s minds they expect more from their team. 

Fin tries to generate some excitement as Canucks lose to Blues

The organization is well run, the players love to play here, the fans love the team so what’s going wrong? Hopefully, the Canucks can get out of the October slump and start winning. Then the fans will get back behind their team…after all We Are All Canucks.

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