Vibrant Colours at Kensington Market, Toronto

Brightly Coloured Vintage Clothing

Tucked away between Toronto’s Chinatown and Little Italy lies one of the oldest and most visited neighbourhoods.  Designated a National Historic Site in 2006,  Kensington Market is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood.  As immigrants have come and gone from the ‘hood, they’ve each left a mark by the variety of goods and services available.
Fruit and vegetable stands line

Fruits and Herbs line the street stalls

 up alongside European cheese shops tucked in between butchers and bakers.  A long time tailor and haberdashery shop is near a Middle Eastern take-away, a tattoo parlour and an Army Surplus store. The partially outdoor market is a rainbow of colours and scents as

Colours are everywhere

vintage garments hang out beside new pieces from local designers which are nearby to a lively Caribbean Cafe. 

New designs from The Fairies Pyjamas

Each trip to Kensington Market brings out a new tapestry of this vibrant neighbourhood, stop by and paint your own picture.

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