12 Days of Christmas Present Ideas – Day 1

The Holiday season is in full swing and, if gift-giving is one of your traditions, now’s the time to get working on your Christmas list. Over the next couple weeks we’ll try to find some great gift ideas for every budget with our 12 Days of Christmas gift suggestions.

Starting off, let’s make a cuppa tea.

staub_teapotThis Staub 1.1 litre Cast Iron Teapot is a beauty, boil the water and brew your tea in the same vessel.  The Cast Iron Teapot is also perfect for serving any other hot liquid; soup, hot cocoa, or hot apple cider for the Holidays.

Staub’s usual high quality, heavy-duty cast iron puts this on the higher end of the budget but for a tea lover it’s a gem.

The Staub 1.1 litre Cast Iron Teapot is available in 6 colours & finishes and is on sale for $180 at Cook Culture online or instore


Christmas Gift Ideas 2013 – Strongbody Apparel

StrongBodyApparel-LogoLook good, feel good,is a term that applies even more with local fitness-wear company Strongbody Apparel.

Strongbody Apparel was founded as an alternative to the ubiquitous fitness gear seen on nearly every butt in Vancouver. By concentrating on creating high quality, stylish locally-made apparel, Strongbody is standing out from the crowded streets and gyms filled with fast foreign fashion. Not only are the quality garments manufactured locally using high-tech fabric but with the company’s “Buy One, Feed One” program Strongbody donates to World Food Programs with each piece of gear sold.sale

Now, just in time to start your Holiday shopping, Strongbody Apparel’s Black Friday sale offers 30% off of everything from their e-store, but it wraps up today so shop fast!

Strongbody Apparel can be found online or at Howard’s Clothing in the Shops at Morgan Crossing with more coming soon.
Follow them on Twitter @Strongbody_, Instagram @StrongbodyApparel, Facebook.com/StrongbodyApparel, to keep up with news and how you can feel good about your purchase while you look good working out or on your way to working out.

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 12

What do you buy the person who has everything? Perhaps they don’t need anything material, instead, why not wrap up DineOutVancouvermemories and give them a service. You can get a gift card for almost everything, from their favourite restaurant or a day at the spa. Check out Dine Out Vancouver for some great promotions and unique events for the Foodie on your list.
You may even like to make your gift personal and budget friendly by offering your own time for home or garden work, baby sitting or running errands.  Giving lessons or activities to loved ones can be a great way to ‘go green’ this year.
Metro Vancouver has a great Christmas campaign to help you “Create Memories, Not Garbage“. It gives lots of great ideas for green gift giving for everyone on your list.

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 11

After Christmas comes the New Year and of course, New Year’s resolutions. More often than not resolutions revolve around health and well being. Quitting Smoking, Eating Less, Workout More are all top contenders.
Why not help people on their quest by giving them a membership to their local community centre gym or sports club or if they already have a membership, personal training it always a great option.
In Vancouver, Steve Nash Fitness World is opening a new Yaletown location in January so it’s perfect time to join.Steve Nash Sports Club Express Yaletown
While gyms are always busier in January as everyone jumps on the bandwagon, many gyms have year end or January specials so a gift certificate will go that extra mile in helping them run that extra kilometre. Give the extra gift of helping them stay motivated through the month and they’ll thank you for the added boost as well as the gift of healthy living all year long.

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 10

RAINS: drip drip dripWinter is upon us but as most people know, Vancouver has more rain than snow so everyone needs a good raincoat. Newly introduced to Canada, RAINS is a Danish company, another country with similar weather to ours, making simple weather-beating raincoats, bags and accessories. With trench, slick and poncho style jackets and accessories like duffle bags and tablet cases RAINS keeps everyone on your list and their stuff dry.

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 9

mascMany men will buy perfumes, cosmetics and spa treatments for their ladies this season but guys like a little pampering too. Sales of cosmetics, fragrance and spa treatments grow each year so head out and look for something for your fella.
Locally visit MASC on Davie Street near Homer in Vancouver or shopMasc.com online for a perfect place to shop for great skin care, fragrance and accessories for the men on your list.  The guys at MASC source their brands from around the world often bringing them to Vancouver before anyone else so you’re sure to find something for that hard to buy for guy on your list.
In Victoria, Western Canada’s first men-only spa, Manscape Spa, caters to men with no-frills, no-nonsense Manscape Spaservices. The ‘manly’ esthetic of the spa’s interior will appeal to those first-timers who may be intimidated when walking into a co-ed spa. With simple services starting at just $25 Manscape Spa is a great place to start someone on the road to spa bliss.

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 8

  Bike BagSanta may be able to carry around a big red sack but most people would probably rather have something more functional and stylish to carry their goods around.
Ora Leather Bags are handmade, in Vancouver, one by one by Randi Obenauer, from a ora.duffel.2combination of new leather and carefully selected vintage leather garments. With an education in Fine Art and Automotive Upholstery & Industrial Sewing each bag is a well made, well designed work of art.
From $75 wallets to top of the line $400 duffel bags I’m sure you’ll find a good alternative to Santa’s Sack for anyone on your list. ora.wallets


photography: Shane Oosterhoff per Ora Bags