Godspell – The Revival on Broadway

Prepare Ye, for a good time at the Theatre!
40 years after its initial run, Godspell returned to Broadway’s Circle In The Square Theatre in late 2011 and has been packing them in since.
Grammy and Academy Awards winning composer Stephen Schwartz has updated and renewed Godspell to include today’s technology and references; including Donald Trump, smartphones and reality tv.  Told as a series of parables based on the Gospels of Matthew, Godspell is a tale of friendship, loyalty and love.  The young cast of Godspell in this production, led by Hunter Parrish (from Showtime’s Weeds), are so at ease with the material it feels as though the whole production is ad-libbed. The theatre in the round layout of the Circle In The Square Theatre makes the audience feel as through they are part of the show too. The band members are interspersed and the cast perform throughout the aisles and different levels of the theatre.  The interaction with the audience goes even further for a lucky few who are brought onstage to participate in some of the scenes. The intermission happens shortly after Jesus turns water into wine and the production brings dozens of small glasses of wine onstage and invites the whole audience to come up and drink and dance with some of the players still beating their drums. This really takes the light and casual, free style of the play to another level, which is already magical but add in this ad-libbed style intermission brings it up and even higher step. This production of Godspell is truly one of the most fun occasions at the theatre I’ve ever attended.  I highly recommend seeing it, if you’re in New York soon.
Godspell is now playing at Circle In Square Theatre at 1633 Broadway (at 50th) in New York City.