NXNE Announces 2012 Line-up

YDS packed for free shows at NXNE 2011

To stay at the forefront of Canada’s music scene, Toronto’s North by Northeast Music & Film Festival & Conference(NXNE) keeps growing each year. 2012’s recently announced line-up includes 650 bands, 40 films and 50 interactive panels from June 11-17. NXNE will be taking over venues throughout the city for its 18th year, with the largest venue being Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) in the heart of Toronto, home of free public concerts throughout the week-long event. Flaming Lips, Bad Religion, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah and Matthew Good will headline YDS along with dozens of other acts. The Square is always a highlight of the week, packing in 10,000+ on some nights. With many clubs and venues open special extended hours during the festival, the City barely sleeps as festival-goers race across the city to see the latest buzzed about new act or some amazing veteran acts play small venues like they were starting out again.

The Pack A.D. play the intimate Horseshoe Tavern

The first wave of artists, speakers and films were announced recently with more to come as the festival approaches. Passes and wristbands are on sale now, visit NXNE.com for more information and to watch for more announcements.

Top 10 Concert Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts

As you may be aware, I attend a lot of concerts and over the years have noticed many concert-goers demonstrating a lack of respect for the other patrons and the artist by display poor concert etiquette while watching the show.

don't be a Tall Guy blocking people's view!

Before you go out to check out your next gig you might want to consider some of these pointers to make sure everyone has a good time!

1. DO temper your drinking before the band starts so you aren’t ridiculously drunk and falling down while the band plays.
2. DON’T block others behind you if you’re tall or at least don’t stand directly in front of someone shorter.
3. DO smoke pot (c’mon…this is Vancouver, we all know it happens) in the middle of the crowd, not the edges, security is less likely to hassle you.
4. DON’T carry your drink into the middle of the crowd or mosh pit…it will splash on someone, probably yourself!
5. DO pay attention to the volume of your voice if you must talk throughout the performance. Yes, the band is loud, you are still louder.
6. DON’T shout out requests or quotes from different bands/artists, remember what band you are seeing.
7. DO dance all you like and while it’s lovely and spiritual to dance as tho no one is watching…in reality we all are watching especially if you’re bouncing all over and tromping on our feet!
8.  DON’T need to travel in packs, ladies, holding hands as you push your way into and out of the crowd. It’s not the Red Sea, it will not part for you.
9. DO-udes, keep your fist pumping & high-fiving to a minimum…you may think you’re from the Jersey Shore…but really you just look like a douche!
10. DON’T be ‘that guy’ who shouts out “I LOVE YOU” “YOU ROCK”,  if the artist is trying to play a quiet acoustic tune, interrupting the intimate moment does not make you cool and no they will not love you back!

Brendan Benson

Brendan Benson – Venue – December 11, 2010

Witty banter, brilliant musicianship and great vocals highlight Brendan Benson’s set at Venue. Backed by a tight sounding three quarters of The Posies, Brendan’s folksy lyrics are perfect early evening listening. Being an early show (2130) and supporting headlining act The Posies, the crowd was a bit slow to grow to capacity but that didn’t stop the band from delivering an excellent 35 minute set.

Having only ever seen Brendan headline as part of The Raconteurs I hope to get to see a solo headline gig sometime soon. Until then I’m very happy with what’s delivered tonight!