Rdio New Release Tuesday – July 3, 2012

It’s new release day on Rdio, Tuesdays is the day for new singles and albums to make their debut in North America (Monday in most of Europe).  Rdio adds multiple new singles and albums, ensuring their library – and your’s – is continuously growing and evolving.  This week sees a number of singles from some big names like, Celine Dion, George Michael, will.i.am and Muse plus summer albums from Chris Brown and Flo Rida, a 30th reunion album from prog-rockers Asia and just because everyone needs 13 versions of the same song an album of remixes of Chasing The Sun by The Wanted. Keep watching the New Release listing throughout the day as it evolves as more people listen and popular choices rise.

Here is a selection of this weeks new releases:

 Muse – Survival, Official Song of London 2012 Olympic Games (single)
Chris Brown – Fortune
Flo Rida – Wild Ones
Jeremy Fisher – Mint Juleps
Asia – XXX
Brooke Bartlett – On My Own
Will.i.am – This Is Love (single)
Celine Dion – Parler à mon père (single)
The Wanted – Chasing The Sun (the remixes)
George Michael – White Light (single)

Rdio, (pronounced ar-dee-o) is a new way to play, share and discover music, from the creators of Skype. Rdio allows users to build a digital music collection that’s available wherever you are on the web and sync to your mobile device to listen to your playlists and collections offline. Find new music through friends, bands, or people with similar taste and play any of over 15 million songs as much as you want.

Check out Rdio for yourself sign-up for a 7 Day Free Trial.

The Ellen Show – An Easy Day Trip

People say nothingOutside WarnerBrothers Studios ever happens in Vancouver? Even is that were true (which I know it’s not) Vancouver isn’t that far away to have a fun daytrip away!

Yesterday, my good friend May arranged to get us tickets to The Ellen Show taping in Los Angeles. We boarded a plane from YVR at 0630 for a non-stop flight to LAX, arriving on a bright but cool LA morning. Catching a SuperShuttle for the hour plus trip across town we got a first hand taste of LA morning rush hour.  Arriving in front of the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank we still had time to kill before the required check-in time for The Ellen Show.

As luck would have it the Original Bob’s Big Boy Diner was just around the corner…it was like a walking into a 50’s museum….including some of the patons.

Back at the Studios and checking in at the waiting area (the lower floor of a parking garage) for The Elllen Show, we waited and waited some more before they started to sort the audience into groups to lead them to the studio backstage (which doubles as the Ellen Store). From here on out it was a well orchestrated whirlwind of fun and entertainment. 15 minutes before showtime, we were ushered into our seats in the studio and the ‘warm up’ guy started to rouse the audience and get us cheering. And cheer they did when Ellen Degeneres walked out to start the show…laughs, music, dancing, $100 Victoria Sectret Gift Card prizes, games, Eva Mendes, Flo-Rida, Mindy Kaling, more dancing, more laughs and games rounded out the November 30th episode.  

Then as Ellen was thanking the audience for attending, she also sprung another surprise on us by saying that Ben Affleck, who was to guest on the next day’s episode, was here to tape his segment as he was unable to the following day. So after a quick change of clothes for Ellen and DJ Tony, an interview with Ben Affleck was taped followed by a quick ‘game’. Then a quick 90 minutes after it all began, it was all over and we were on our way out the door with Victoria Secret Gift Card and Flo-Rida cd in hand. Making a mad dash for the SuperShuttle back to LAX for our 2100 flight back to Vancouver.

Super Fast Super Fun Super Easy to have a great Vancouver – LA daytrip!