Friday Find: LUSH Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo_2015-01-20 19.52.13Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash is an awesome newer addition to the LUSH family of fresh handmade cosmetics.

Bearded guys aren’t always scratching their chins to look pensive, sometime there’s dry skin under that scruff. LUSH Kalamazoo is a great way to keep that beard soft and supple and the skin beneath it smooth and moist. Not just for beards, the creamy face wash is great for anyone looking for a moisturizing cleanser.  Made with Pineapple Juice providing enzymes to purge dirt and oils, almond, jojoba and citrus oils to help soften and scent the formula.

While we all know LUSH for its fragrant bath and body products, Kalamazoo has just the right amount of scent to wake up your morning shower or relax after your evening cleanse.

Available in 100g ($9.95) or 250g ($22.95) pots, find Kalamazoo in LUSH stores or online at

Moisturizing: 4.5/5
Cleansing: 4.5/5
Scent: 4/5

Get ready to ‘Take Off Fridays’ at YVR

YVR2 3You don’t have to leave the city to take a trip this summer with a trip, just hop the Canada Line to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to the fourth annual Take Off Fridays.

Whether you’re looking for a fun new activity for you and your friends, or in search of entertainment the whole family will enjoy, YVR has something for everyone: visit any Friday this summer from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for a full day of free samples, great music, and exciting prizes. The Domestic, International, and USA Terminals come alive with live entertainment and sounds from the Metro Vancouver’s hottest DJs to energize you while you peruse the shelves of YVR’s world class retail shops and take advantage of great deals on food, products and services. Keep the kids entertained with activities like face painting, paper airplane making, and YVR mascots to meet. On July 12th take part in the first ever paper airplane competition at Take-Off Fridays

If Canada Line isn’t convenient for you, parking at the airport has never been so affordable – enjoy a special Take-Off Fridays parking rate of $5 for up to four hours in any of YVR’s lots.

In-Flight Fitness

I’m in the air heading to London today and a 9+ hour flight sitting in the same position can be a cramp and uncomfortable experience. So how does one stay alert and comfortable?
Looking for some simple things to do to keep the circulation flowing and the joints moving, here’s what seems to be the best suggestions to keep you limber from head to toe.

Neck Rolls: slouching into a cramped seats can tighten up the neck and back so neck rolls are a quick and easy way to keep limber. Sit upright in your seat, bend your head forward so your chin hits your chest. Arch your upper back to stretch out the muscles in your upper back, then roll your head clockwise slowly, this stretches the muscles in your neck on the opposite side of the direction you’re rolling. Hold the stretch for five seconds, then reverse the rotation until your chin is back on your chest.

Arm Stretches: stretching may seem like an impossibility in the tight confines of your seat if you have people beside you but it can be done. Extend your arm in front of you, grasp your fingers with the opposite hand and stretch your hand back towards you while keeping your arm outright, you’ll feel it working, hold for at least 10 seconds then switch arms.

Leg Stretches: Tired and cramped legs get a lot of attention with stories of deep vein thrombosis.  Tight seat pitch can make it difficult to stretch the legs but there are some ways to stimulate the leg muscles.  Sitting upright in the seat, grab your leg behind the knee and pull your legs up towards you to help stretch out your lower back and glutes. Then place your hands against the outside of your knees, push your legs outward holding them in with your hands, switch to the inner leg and push your legs together while pushing your legs outward with your hands. This will stimulate the leg adductor and abductor muscles.

Try these simple exercises next time you have a long flight and stay limber and arrive alert.


Fit Friday – What’s Your Fave Health & Fitness App?

Everyone likes to have a little bit of help in their quest for good health and fitness. Whether it’s a workout partner, personal trainer, heartrate monitor or even favourite music. Nowadays our smartphones and mobile devices give us another boost by offering a vast array of health and fitness apps.

There’s a health and fitness app offering assistance for whatever part of your workout you might want to support, whether it’s your run, your diet or your weightlifting routine. Runkeeper is a perennial favourite for runners. Nike offers a  number of apps to help your routines, Nike + offers assistance with your running, Nike Training Club is like a personal trainer in your pocket. Men’s Health/Women’s Health Magazine has a huge line-up of apps to help every part of your workout.
For your diet planning, Lose It helps keep you on track when you’re away from the gym. My Fitness Pal offers help for diet and exercise.

Do you use any apps to help your health and fitness routines? What’s your favourite app?

Fit Tips Friday : Form & Function

Have you ever been disappointed by your results or feel pain during a workout? I bet you’ve seen that one guy at the gym who swings the weights or is rocking his whole body to lift the barbell. One of the most important and useful reasons for having a personal trainer is to help learn and maintain proper form when working out.
Keeping in proper from is easy when Trainer Alex Jack is watching over me at the Steve Nash Sports Club, someone else can see when you’re not standing straight or if you’re lifting with the wrong part of your body. However, the hard part comes when you’re on your own and need to keep yourself on track. If you’ve never had a trainer to give you the guidance in the first place you may never know that you are not working out to optimal performance. Even now when I workout on my own I have the benefit of Alex’s expertise to remind me of the proper form. I can hear Alex reminding me to slow down, keep my shoulders back or focus on the right muscle. and I can feel the difference in the muscles when I’m doing the exercise correctly.
Maintaining the correct form helps:
– prevent injury from improper form
– remedy poor posture from our day to day habits of sitting at the desk or slouching on the couch
– optimize the output of the exercise by the making sure the muscles are being worked as intended
– balance out overly dominant muscles caused by overworking certain muscles when using improper form
– ensure the right amount of rest and recuperation is incorporated into the workout

I read some great words of wisdom somewhere when talking about form…It’s not the weight you use but HOW you use the weight

Proper form helps correct poor posture from sitting in front of the desk

Marc Jabobs goes Native!

Drawing inspiration from your favourite classic casual shoes, Native Shoes have taken a new twist by creating them in the lightest, most comfortable material available.  The Vancouver based footwear company combines the best of technology and great design. Using a unique, low-emission manufacturing process Native Shoes are made from foam-injection molded-EVA, a super lightweight, durable and comfortable material.  They are animal bi-product free, waterproof and odor-resistant making a shoe you can slip on for a walk or throw them in your backpack for a trip to the beach.  In their first collaboration Native has teamed up with Marc Jacobs to create a limited edition boot just in time for the winter weather.  The limited edition “Jimmy Boot” is exceptionally light and completely waterproof down to the waxed laces, it features a laminated Japanese denim upper on a molded EVA outsole with a stabilizing insole. The Jimmy is the ultimate all-weather boot. Available in sizes 6-12 and priced under $100, the Jimmy will be exclusively available starting September 8, 2011 at Marc Jacobs boutiques worldwide or online at

Marc Jacobs for Native – A special edition Jimmy boot from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

YouTube Star of the Month – April 2011

With the recent meteoric viral take-off of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video it got some friends and I discussing how and why do some singers make it and others (more worthy) do not.
YouTube is full of amazing (often un-signed) singers putting themselves out there for the public to see and hear while they hope for their big break. Eventually some ‘make it’ while I’m sure there are dozens left behind.
Technology is making it even easier to produce you own uber-professional video and audio plus with the iTunes store one can earn revenue from these singles and videos.  It makes us wonder if we even need the big labels anymore?
As a regular feature we’re going to highlight some of these great YouTube performers.
Starting off with the brilliant team of Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider is a musician, producer and filmmaker who along with the amazing vocals of Sam Tsui have produced some amazing video singles.  Mostly they perform new arrangements of current chart hits but they have begun to produce their own original material. The first song that really gained a lot of attention was an amazing cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” in which Sam performs with himself, most recently they re-arranged Lady Gaga’s hit “Born This Way” into a track that I personally like even better than the original!
Having already appeared on Oprah and The Ellen Show it’s only a matter of time before these two YouTube stars break out of the internet and into the stratosphere of stardom!

Sam Tsui / Kurt Schneider – Don’t Stop Believing