Corey Hart Never Surrenders

Corey Hart with Glass Tiger – Rogers Arena – June 25, 2019

Corey Hart wrapped up the Never Surrender Tour at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. His first tour after over two decades away from the music spotlight was supported by Glass Tiger, themselves celebrating the 33rd anniversary of their debut album.

Glass Tiger

As the early audience arrived, they were treated to a set filled with nostalgic hits from three of the original members of Glass Tiger. Alan Frew, who just two weeks prior to the start of the tour underwent surgery on a broken neck suffered in accident, was in fine form and voice. Covering the stage to reach out to their fans who were having a great time singing along to old favourites, plus a couple of new tracks, he built up the energy in the arena.

After a short intermission filled with other retro tracks, Corey Hart bounded on stage to a roar of approval from the now ample audience. The 2+ hours that followed were filled with an array of hits from the Montrealer’s catalogue. From the energy and engagement, you would never guess that the singer had taken a 22 year break from the stage to raise his family with wife (and back up singer) Julie Masse-Hart. While he made light of the fact that he, and we all, were older, he performed like he was years younger than his 57 years.

Corey Hart thanks his fans

However, there were moments of father-figure, maturity as he spoke passionately of his signature theme to Never Surrender and when speaking of his family. A couple of the more nurturing moments came with a couple of surprises. Mid-set the singer regrouped to a grand piano at the centre of the arena, to reach out to more audience members. At this time, he told how he’d had to cancel a 1987 tour and as a result the fan who’d won a meet-and-greet with the singer missed out on her prize. At the start of this tour, she’d reached out on Facebook to remind him of the long lost prize, she was at the show, so keeping true to his word he invited her to the stage to finally claim her meet-and-greet, 32 years later. At the opposite end of the fan spectrum, Corey was also joined onstage by a new supporter, 13 year old singer, Tyson, from the Sarah Mclachlan School of Music. Tyson blew the audience away with his powerful vocals on Goin’ Home.

Not letting any of his fan favourites slip past, the setlist was filled with sing-along tracks, and a couple of new songs from his latest EP, including First Rodeo, with Glass Tiger’s Alan Frew joining onstage to perform a part sung by Jim Cuddy on the record. Boy In The Box, Everything In My Heart, It Ain’t Enough, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Sunglasses At Night and, of course, Never Surrender, all found new life and old memories. Those old memories were joined by new ones from this stellar performance from a genuinely warm, and engaging performer, who seems to be back and ready to bring more music to his fans.

Never Surrender

Reminiscing with Glass Tiger & Roxette

Glass Tiger / Roxette – Rogers Arena – September 12, 2012

Stepping back into our youth, friends and I went to Rogers Arena for the final night of Sweden’s Roxette‘s Canadian Tour, featuring guests Glass Tiger. Former Much Music VJ, now DJ,  Kim Clarke Champniss opened up the night with a DJ set before Canadian rock band Glass Tiger took to the stage. Starting the night off with “I’m Still Searching”, the pop stars sounded as good as they did 20 years ago. The three time Juno Award winners played an array of their biggest hits during their 45 minute set; “Someday”, “My Song”, “Animal Heart”,  one of my favourites “Diamond Sun” garnered a lot of sing – along and applause from the audience. After a brief interlude for lead singer, Alan Frew to talk about their support for CCFCanada and some encouragement to sponsor a child, the biggest applause for Glass Tiger’s set was for their first hit, “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone”, even after 26 years it’s still a song that gets people on their feet.

After a stage change, the headliners Roxette came to the stage with the opening notes of “Dress For Success”. While the group, Marie Fredricksson (vocals) and Per Gessle (guitar & vocals),  sounded like they did in 1989, it was immediately noticed that Marie’s energy level wasn’t what it was in the band’s heyday.  We weren’t sure what was wrong so a quick check on Wikipedia revealed the fact that she’d had a brain tumor and went through cancer treatment in the early 2000s, resulting in blindness in one eye and years away from performing. While she may have been physically on the comeback trail, her voice was still strong and commanding.  Per handled much of the audience engagement and worked around the stage with enough energy for the both of them.  Their back up singer and other bandmembers worked the stage as well to boost the crowds entertainment level.  The band’s big hits; “Fading Like A Flower”, “Crash, Boom, Bang”, “Dangerous” were mixed with recent singles like “She’s Got Nothing On But The Radio”. The old and new songs and the up beat and ballad mix kept the audience hopping up out of their seats, to get on to their feet to dance and sing.  Some of the biggest sing-alongs were with the bands huge hits, “Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride” the later wrapped up the main hour + set on a energetic high with the addition of a dozen giant beach balls bouncing into the audience. A quick turn off the stage preceded the encore of “Listen To Your Heart”, “The Look” and “Church Of Your Heart” to close out our fun trip to the late 80s and early 90s.