3rd Annual Pizza Palooza Corners Vancouver Pizza

Wednesday night, the snow was coming down but the pizza ovens were heating up Vancouver Foodster’s 3rd Annual Pizza Palooza.  Guests visited all corners of downtown Vancouver to try out some of the city’s pizzas and flatbreads.  From Neapolitan, to Lebanese, and Indian, to Roman, the ovens and flattops were cranking out the pies for the crowds of guests exploring the world of flavours.

To start off the night, the Pizza Palooza check-in location, Living Produce Aisle in Yaletown brought out some palate cleansing and healthy fresh juices made some some of their wholesome house-grown greens.


Then we were off, and pizza hunting.

One of Yaletown Davie Street’s newest spots Manoush’eh, is a recent winner of the Vancouver Foodster 2018 Flatbread Challenge, and you could taste why from their layers of Lebanese flavours in their offerings.  A dual serving of Falafel Flatbread (house-made falafel mix coated flatbread topped with tahini, tomatoes, pickled turnip and parsley) and Lahm be Ajeen (a thin crust, open face meat pie with organic spiced ground beef, with diced tomatoes and onion)


Just a couple blocks away, a traditional Neapolitan pizza becomes a one of a kind creation as a “You Build” pie from Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria.  Starting with a hand-stretched 6 inch dough we chose from dozens of sauces, meats, vegetable and cheese toppings before our own creations were fired into the stone oven.



Further along Davie Street, into the West End, Davie Dosa Company turned their Indian pancakes into Indian pizza by topping their dosa with curried lamb on one half and vegetables (bell peppers, tomato, carrot, cottage cheese and cilantro) on the other half.  Alongside a zesty lentil soup dip, coconut and tomato/ginger chutneys added more flavour to the Indian pizzas.

Crossing the city to Gastown, the recent addition to the neighbourhood, Ignite Pizzeria Express near Waterfront Station offered a pair of slices from their rotating selection of artisan Neapolitan style pizzas.  The Ignite crew was quickly turning out a variety of topping combinations hot from their oven, like Four Formaggi, Spicy Soppressata, Pesto Chicken, Fresh Ricotta and others.

Finally the original Gastown location of Stretch Roman Pizza Co. offered another pizza pair; Pancetta e Scamozza (pancetta parmigiano and smoked mozzarella) plus Caprese Pizza (bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil) piled on their signature long stretched soft dough.

With the snow lightening up during the evening, the 3rd Annual Vancouver Foodster Pizza Palooza was a great evening of flavour exploration.  If this sounds appealing join the next Vancouver Foodster event, Tasting Plates Coquitlam coming March 14th

Get your tickets for Vancouver Foodster Pizza Palooza – Feb 21

Pizza Pizza Pizza! Early bird tickets are on sale now for Vancouver Foodster’s 3rd Annual Pizza Palooza.   Get your fill of great pies as you explore Vancouver’s pizzerias and experience the different styles of pizza and flatbreads from across the world.

A roaming food tour, Pizza Palooza invites food lovers and friends to meet up and register at the to-be-designated restaurant, pick up their Pizza Palooza passport then set off and find what great tastes the participating restaurants are offering for the guests.  From Neapolitan to Roman to NY-Style and even South Indian and Lebanese are some of the flavours to find upon the tossed and stretched dough.

The restaurants featured on the 3rd Annual Pizza Palooza include;

Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria – 808 Davie Street, Vancouver

Ignite Pizzeria – 508 West Cordova, Vancouver

Davie Dosa Company – 1235 Davie Street, Vancouver

Manoush’eh – 620 Davie Street, Vancouver

Stretch Roman Pizza Co. – 415 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Find more details about the restaurants and get tickets online 
Tickets for Pizza Palooza are on sale online from Eventbrite
Early-Bird Tickets: $35 per person before February 11, 2018
Advance Tickets $45 per person after February 11, 2018
Regular $60 per person after February 18, 2018


Vancouver Foodster’s Pizza Palooza – recap

What could be better than a half dozen great slices of Pizza in one night? Hungry diners got to experience just that last night on Vancouver Foodster’s Pizza Palooza 2017.

Checking in at Dogwood Brewing, patron’s collected their Pizza Palooza and headed out on a tour of some of the best and brightest pizzeria’s Vancouver has to offer.

We experienced New York Slices, Neapolitan, Roman, and even a South Asian take on the pizza.

First up was Dogwood Brewing, a hidden oasis, Vancouver’s only organic brewery packed the house by offering a taster of their brewed-on-site beers along with a bite of the house-made Rocky Mountain Flatbread pizzas




At Kalai’s Dosa Hut, on Fraser Street, the Pizza Dossa brought a touch of South Asian flavour to Pizza Palooza. The thin, light gluten-free dosa was topped with fresh veggies and cheese.

Straight Outta Brooklyn at Fraser and Kingsway served up their always satisfying slices of Classic (Pepperoni), Original (Margherita) and White (4 Cheese).





Ragazzi Pizza Co. is a great little neighbourhood pizzeria serving up “Real Italian Pizza” and from the comments as other diners left their pair of slices were indeed at hit; Carbonara (Garlic, Black Pepper, Pancetta, Bocconcini)tasting just like the pasta, and spicy Arrabiata (Salami, Capicollo, ONions, Chilli Flakes, Mozzarella)


ZeroZero Pizzeria is the go to place near International Village and always offers unique and creative toppings like last nights Chorizo and Brussel Sprouts (Spicy Sausage and Crispy, Grilled Spouts) and the Pomodoro (Fresh & Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Oregano and Mozzarella)



The recently opened, Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria was our last stop and was a treat for the senses. Firecrust makes your pizza to order so you can watch it come to life right in front of you. Choose from the menu selections like our Quattro Formaggi (Fior di Latte, Romano, Gorgonzola, Ricotta and Extra Virgin Olive Oil base) and Siciliana (Italian Sausage, Ham, Prisciutto, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Fior di Latte, Romano and Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Or select your own toppings to create your own pizza to go into the Brick Oven.

After all that Pizza the last thing we want to think of is more food but if tasting tours like this are of interest check out Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates 5th Anniversary in Downtown Vancouver

Pizza Palooza coming February 22nd

What’s better than a good slice of pizza? How about 5 or more great slices in one night? That’s what you’ll get on Vancouver Foodster’s Pizza Palooza 2017, happening on February 22nd.

Like other Vancouver Foodster events, Pizza Palooza is a tour of some of the best and brightest eateries Vancouver has to offer.  For this event, it’s all about Pizza, as patrons get their slices from pizzerias all over the city.

From New York Slices, to Neapolitan to Roman, take a global journey of fresh from the oven pies.  Some of the pizzerias included February 22nd are;

Straight Outta Brooklyn – 701 Kingsway at Fraser Street

Ragazzi Pizza – 2996 E 22nd Ave

Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria – 808 Davie Street

ZeroZero Pizzeria – 415 Abbott Street

Dosa Hut – 7233 Fraser Street

Dogwood Brewing – 8284 Sherbrooke Street

Pizza Palooza Tickets are on sale now on Eventbrite
Advance Tickets are $45 until February 19th, then $60 after.

Pizza Palooza February 17th

PIzzaPaloozaYou’ve got just one week to get your tickets to Vancouver Foodster’s Pizza Palooza.  Get a taste of the world when you explore Neapolitan, Roman, and New York styles of pizza. While you’re getting your dough fix, there’s also a chance to experience a one of a kind Pizza themed art show; “I Chew-Chew-Chew You“, presented by Hot Wet Art City. IChewChew

Participating Pizzerias include; Straight Outta Brooklyn, ZeroZero Pizzeria, Ragazzi Pizza, Nonna’s Table, and Pizza Garden.

As with Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates, Pizza Palooza participants will check in and pick up a map card outlining their route and tasting options. Then walk, ride, roll your way through the city to find your pizza pleasures.

Tickets for Pizza Palooza are on sale on Eventbrite now. Regular tickets are $55 or get them before February 12 to save $10.