Get the most out of BosaSPACE

Last week, Bosa Properties debuted their latest condominium development, University District in Surrey’s Central City. The units, titled BosaSPACE are billed as the world’s first fully transformable homes, the units’ remarkably smart use of space certainly live up to the bill.
I had the privilege of being invited to a preview showing for Vancouver Bloggers to see first hand how Bose Properties is changing condo living.  Colin Bosa, CEO of Bosa Properties says they have “…created an entirely new form of housing and we’re excited about the way it revolutionizes condominium living. We’re proud of the fact that we are a catalyst for this change and as a Canadian developer have found a way to deliver a world-first, right here in Metro Vancouver.”

The units size and price may be small, starting at $199,000, but the space is exponentially larger than expected. At first glance the unit’s well-appointed kitchen and sitting room are stylish and modern as is customary in today’s competitive condo market. The good size bedroom and bathroom flow together into the hallway, home of the in-suite laundry and storage space.
It’s at second glance that things change and suddenly the space is transformed into a entertaining space suitable for a dinner party of eight and as the glass wall enclosing the bedroom is retracted and the bed is folded away to reveal a flip out sofa the sitting area is doubled. After entertaining guests there’s even space for someone to stay overnight as the TV unit slides away to untuck a single bed.

All of these features are included in the price of the unit, making BosaSPACE affordable and livable.  Beyond the unit, the building features amenities like third floor rooftop outdoor space, gym and yoga room and guest suite. Add in the University District’s close proximity to two SkyTrain stations, Surrey Central and Gateway, the new Surrey City Hall / Library complex across the street and being in on the early days of Central City as well as the solid reputation of builder Bosa Properties’ decades of experience and BosaSPACE has everything needed to call Surrey home.

To check out BosaSPACE at University District for yourself visit the show suites now open at the corner of University Drive and 104 Avenue, Surrey.