Turning More Tweeps Into Peeps!

Since the first word in Social Media is SOCIAL it seems a bit odd and anti-social to sit behind a keyboard and not actually interact.  So following on from our first tweet up of a couple weeks ago, that my friend Brian and I organized at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar, Brian thought it was time for another.

Tonight we had an evening Tweet-Up at Cactus Club Cafe in Yaletown, the restaurant sat us at a table that had enough room to extend as people came and went over the couple hours we were there. During the evening  @AdrianEden @GreenscapeVan @Dalyn_Smith @NicoleGrima @DavidJeffries @MattFCA @JayHaa @Hummingbird604 @DonovanPee all came by.  We ate, drank and had some great conversations while getting to know each other better (it helps when you can use more than 140 characters). I think one of the best parts was the every one of us got to meet at least one new person who didn’t follow us or we didn’t follow previously.
Our aim is to make this a regular event, growing each time to meet more awesome tweeps! We will keep you posted on the next event, see you then!

Turn Tweeps Into Peeps

Twitter and other social media are great at connecting the world and spreading the ‘word’ but how many of you come out from behind your keyboard to meet other social media users?

Recently my friend Brian and I had a small Tweet-up (Twitter/Tweep meet-up) at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar.  None of us had been to Rogue Wetbar before either and I’d selected the location because they were very active on Twitter, so we could consider the venue a Tweep too. 

Have a casual get together that allows people to interact on a different level and with sentences longer than 140 characters.  It gives us a deeper look into our ‘real’ personalities vs the witty, pithy, attention seeking people we are online.  I’ve had a few other Tweet-ups to try to get to know the people behind the avatar, you already know you have similar interests, so get out and meet them, who knows who you’ll find.  Brian and I started off as Tweeps, met up and as a result I know consider him among my closest friends. 
I challenge you to turn your Tweeps into Peeps and get out and get to know some of those people you follow, friend or chat with online. You might be surprised to discover brand new lasting friendships!