Interior Design Show Vancouver opens this week

Since 2004, Interior Design Show Vancouver (formerly IDS West) has grown to become Western North America’s premier residential interior design showcase.

Last year, over 35,000 visited the public showcase at Vancouver Convention Centre to view 275 exhibitors from the design world. This year’s show is open to the public this Thursday evening for the Party on Opening Night and on Saturday and Sunday.  Friday is a Trade Only day.

Interior Design Show Vancouver highlights the cutting edge of design, technology and decor.  Speakers, workshops, panels, demonstrations and hands-on participation ensures the Show is educational as it is inspirational.  Some of the featured events & speakers include: Dutch Exchange: Eindhoven – a showcase of designers from The Netherlands, Pitch Tank – a Dragon’s Den style event, designers Emily Henderson, Barbara Barry, architect Chris McVoy, contractor Rasmin Khachi and many more design professionals throughout the weekend.

The Interior Design Show Vancouver Party On Opening Night takes place Thursday September 22nd, open to trade and public, tickets are on sale now, $35 online.  The Public is also welcome Saturday and Sunday September 24 – 25, weekend passes $18 online.

New Artist Dougal Bain McLean reaches new Peaks

dougalbainmclean_artistpic The road to success is a rocky one for most aspiring music artists, Victoria’s Dougal Bain McLean has taken that literally in his performance of his latest single.  The roots-rock singer is one of the Top 20 finalists in the 2013 Peak Performance Project.
Dougal aims to make the most of reaching this Peak and is presently recording his first full length album. In his recently released video for his track “Four Walls” he documents a hike up one of the famed Lions peaks near Vancouver and performing the tune upon reaching the Peak. With a melodic, gritty voice and sound that matches the rugged, wild beauty of British Columbia, Dougal has an ‘everyman’ appeal that’s sure to reach a wide audience.

While recording album the singer will be taking part in the Peak Performance Project showcases at Fortune Sound Club on October 10th (showcases happen every Thursday until October 17th) . Over the project’s five year history a number of well respected BC acts have gained exposure and acclaim as finalists; Beekeeper, Stef MacPherson, DBMcLean_EPcover1Kyprios, Vince Vicarro, and Redgy Blackout are just a few of the past performers.  Watch and listen for Dougal Bain McLean as he scales new heights in his career.

Find him online at to her his previously recorded EP, follow him on Twitter @dougalbain, on and watch on YouTube

Hear Tyrell Witherspoon debut ‘Scorpio’ at Electric Owl

Tyrell Witherspoon - ScorpioTo celebrate the release of his new EP, ‘Scorpio’, Tyrell Witherspoon will headline his first solo showcase tomorrow, January 17th, at Vancouver’s Electric Owl Social Club debuting 6 of the new tracks on the album. “I can’t wait for people to hear this album. I am so proud of the result.” The EP was made possible with the help of crowd funding on the website, Pledge Music. “I am so thankful for everyone who pledged to help make this a reality for me. It was amazing to have friends, family and fans involved in the process. I got to share with them the progress along the way which a lot of people may not know.”

Tyrell looks forward to showing his growth in the industry since his first EP, ‘Dance With Me’ debuted on iTunes, two and a half years ago.  For ‘Scorpio’, now available for download, he joined forces with up-and-coming Vancouver producer Nick Bertossi, and worked really hard to ensure that this was his best work to date. “I really wanted to show growth not only as a singer/songwriter but also as an artist as a whole.” In the last two years, Tyrell really took time to study the work of his peers, mentors and those he looked up to. “I listened to music really intently. I wanted to take notes on what made songs work and what didn’t.”

Tyrell named his EP ‘Scorpio’ after a reflection of what the album meant to him. “I am a Scorpio myself through and through. Tyrell Witherspoon - Scorpio Release PartyWe’re a passionate and driven bunch and I think that this album reflects that not only in its creation process but in the lyrics as well.” In the eight, brand-new tracks, Tyrell sings about hook-ups, break-ups, long distance love, and staying true to who are regardless of the obstacles. “When you pursue something really hard, you’re going to have more than a few people who are going to try and knock you down. The track ‘One’ is all about that personal struggle and I wrote it as a chance to vent a little about how I was feeling.”

Hear for yourself the fruits of his labour by downloading ‘Scorpio’ now and check out Tyrell’s showcase at the Electric Owl tomorrow night.

Tyrell Witherspoon with a warm up set by Jess Cullen takes place Thursday, January 17th, 2013
at Electric Owl Social Club, 916 Main St, Vancouver BC
Cover $10 Doors at 8pm – Show at 9pm

For more information on Tyrell visit, follow him on Facebook or on Twitter @tlwither

Mark Munroe – New Artist Live!

Following the release of his second single, “Clear As Mud”, Mark Munroe is taking to the stage to introduce even more people to his sounds.  After a live show at The Drake and a showcase coming up tonight (Sept 7, 2011) at The Rivoli in Toronto, Mark is ready for the public to hear what he’s been working on so diligently over the last few months.  Mark has been hard at work writing, recording and rehearsing for the launch of his full length album, “The Life That I Designed”, due October 25th.  Of the response to his first two single releases, Mark excitedly says, “The response has been wonderful and there are a lot of people who have gotten behind me and the music, both fans and industry!”
He has also felt great public response to the fact he decided to come out publicly as a gay artist, at the same time as his first single release. His friends and family already knew he was gay but he wanted to start his new career openly and honestly, “coming out publicly was really an amazing experience because people, gay and straight have been so supportive of my decision to do so, I also had a lot of young gay men write to me letting me now that they felt better that someone in the public eye came out even thought it could have been very detrimental and they felt they could do the same, which is such an amazing thing that just being honest could have a real impact!”

"Clear As Mud" single is available on iTunes

Up next, a third single, “Dance For Me” plus at least one music video is due out just prior to the album release, to help keep momentum and buzz going in the industry and with the audience.  More live shows are planned throughout the autumn and winter as well.
In between all of this recording, rehearsing and performing, Mark still finds time to maintain his modelling career, having just shot a new ad campaign a week ago.  Asked how long he will maintain the modelling and the music, he states he will keep going “as long as they let me I will keep doing it here and there, plus it’s what helps push me to stay in great shape.”
He’s going to need to stay in shape to have the stamina to maintain a dual career.

Noxshi (Pronounced Knock-she)

Noxshi Mercury Lounge – March 7, 2011

Part performance art, part grunge, part psychedelic band, Noxshi are a hard to define, five piece from London. Known for their innovative and a bit off the wall live performances the band did a showcase at the famed Mercury Lounge in New York recently.
Singer Yoriyos Adamos (son of Yusef Islam aka. Cat Stevens) leads the band with a commanding stage presence.  Not to be outdone his bandmates do their damnedest to make their presence felt as they rip through the wall of sound they’re building.
If you’re in Austin at SXSW this week they are playing a showcase at The 512 on March 18th head over and check them out!

The Tabloids – anything but old news

THE TABLOIDS – The Yale Hotel – November 2, 2010

Tonight a good friend invited a bunch of us to check out his new band, The Tabloids. They were playing their first showcase in front at The Yale Hotel.

Having heard same friend’s previous band on occasion, most recently also at The Yale, I had a direct comparison to tonights act. The Tabloids certainly impressed us! For only recently assembling, they were incredibly tight and really worked well together.  At first we thought the couple of female singers were superfluous to needs but we soon warmed up as one of them belted out her part of “Under Pressure”.  All the songs in The Tabloids repertoire are of British decent and they really suited the two lead singers as well as the harmonies of the four singers.
Partly because of the material, but mostly because of the product they were laying down on the stage the 45 minute set flew by in an instant. I would heartily recommend we return to see their next gig.

Even though some amazing R & B legends have graced their iconic stage one of the best things about The Yale is it’s still support of new, music and bands.
The home of Rythm & Blues for decades The Yale is one of the few that has refreshingly not become a ‘hipster’ hangout…it’s still a iconic tavern, showcasing great music for people of all ages and demographics. The Yale is a valuable piece of downtown Vancouver’s entertainment scene.

I hope The Tabloids also become a valuable piece of Vancouver’s entertainment scene too.  If they last a tenth as long as the century old fixture on Granville Street they will be doing alright for themselves!