Indian Summer Festival brings local & international arts together

The 9th annual Indian Summer Festival returns to Vancouver, from July 4 to 14, bringing locally and internationally renowned artists to venues around the city. With the provocative theme of ‘Tricksters, Magicians, and Oracles,’ the 2019 festival lineup features futurists, novelists, stand-up comedians, musicians and storytellers from around the world.

“What we need more than ever in the world today is a way out of the tumult that seems to surround us. For our ninth edition, we’ve invited an incredible range of artists who do that, and who are either tricksters, magicians or oracles in their own way. So they give us a way out through laughter, or conjure up a new reality for us to reach for, or light a path forward with their prophecies,” says Sirish Rao, Indian Summer Festival’s Artistic Director. “Our roster this year includes some of the most influential artists in the world. The festival, as always, is a model for what the world could look like, if we came together with all the power of human diversity, innovation, creativity, and wisdom.”

Indian Summer Festival

From Grammy award-winning classical guitarists to genre-bending DJs, razor sharp comedians, and award-winning novelists this year’s programming spans literary dialogues, debates, performance art, musical collaborations, interactive public art, and culinary experiences.

Indian Summer Festival has made its mark on Vancouver, becoming one of the city’s leading cultural events with a reputation for unusual pairings of the local with the international and the traditional with the contemporary. By creating a space in Vancouver for local and global conversations, and dissolving cultural borders, Indian Summer Festival challenges and invites artists and audiences to come together in the spirit of dialogue. 

The festival begins with much sought after Indian Summer Festival Opening Party on July 4th at Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre. Wrapping up July 14th with Transformation Tea Party at Museum of Vancouver. In between the festival packs in dozens of events, talks, art installations, concerts and more. 

Find out more details and the full schedule for Indian Summer Festival 2019 visit on line at

BigMouth at The Cultch York Theatre

Until February 21st, The Cultch presents BigMouth a one-of-a-kind spoken word show at The York Theatre.

A hit at the famed Edinburgh Fringe Festival, BigMouth is directed and performed by Belgian writer/actor Valentijn Dhaenens the show appears to be a one man show but it has over two dozen voices.  BigMouth is a curated collection of 2500 years of memorable speeches. From the Grand Inquisitor to Ann Coulter, with Socrates, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Osama Bin Laden and more in between. When taken out of context and assembled together, it’s remarkable how similar some of the content of the oration becomes even though they were perhaps told years or great distances apart.

Between the clusters of speeches, songs and sounds, produced only by Valentijn’s own mouth, break the themes and periods with more unique pieces of verbal performances art.

BigMouth runs at The Cultch – The York Theatre, 639 Commercial Drive until February 21, 2016.  The performance runs 85 minutes, no intermission.

Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of

BTW_SalCapone_run_1041 (2)Urban Ink Productions’ Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of, tells the tale following the shooting of the talented, young DJ Sammy and the effect this has on the remaining members of his hip-hop crew. The story centers on how the once tight crew of Freddy, Jewel and Chase, handle their grief. Their different methods greatly affect the dynamic of the talented artists.  Freddy’s young but wise sister, Naomi provides many words of wisdom throughout and Mac/Sha-ney-ney the narrator / transsexual sex-trade worker fills in the spaces.
Referencing real life events and people keeps the production grounded and rooted in reality. Taking inspiration from the shooting of an unarmed Freddy Villanueva, six years ago in Montreal, the performance touches on race relations, prejudices & stereotypes, sexuality, class disparity and police brutality.  The work incorporates hip-hop and rap, video and pre-recorded sound to flesh out the feelings.  Playing at the Roundhouse Performance Centre until May 31st, the uniquely interactive production begins as guests wait in the Roundhouse Exhibition space before going into the theatre. The concurrently running installation of street art curated by David George Morgan invites the public to create their own piece of art, then in the midst of the awaiting audience Sha-ney-ney appears, preparing the audience for what’s about to come “You may want to block out what you’re about to hear” she says about the play’s contents “this shit’s about to get real”.  The later phrase is absolutely correct, the play feels real but don’t block out anything, you won’t want to miss a moment.

Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of, plays at the Roundhouse Performance Centre until May 31st at 8pm Tuesday-Saturday, with 2pm matinees on Sunday May 25th & Saturday May 31st. Ticket are available online at

Written by Omari Newtown
Directed by Diane Roberts
Tristan D. Lalla as Freddy Salazar Jr.
Billy Merasty as Mac/Sha-ney-ney
Kim Villagante as Jewel
Letitia Brookes as Naomi Salazar & Sammy
Jordan Waunch as Chase Stagnetti aka Chase Chedder