The Full Light Of Day is coming

Even though we’re still in the peak of the holiday entertainment season, we’re taking a look ahead at what’s to come in the new year. Coming in January, Electric Company Theatre, in association with the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, presents the world premiere of a provocative new work, The Full Light of Day, at the Vancouver Playhouse.

The Full Light Of Day
photo: Don Lee

The new work from Siminovitch prize-winning playwright Daniel Brooks, is directed by Kim Collier. The Full Light of Day is a suspenseful and compelling hybrid of theatre and film in which a terminally ill woman confronts the choices that brought her family privilege; and then, takes a risk to secure their ultimate redemption. Utilizing 14 live-streaming cameras, state-of-the-art projections and film, The Full Light of Day immerses audiences in rich cinematic cityscapes, intimate inner lives, and invites them to reimagine the limitations of live theatre.

“Other than the weather, real estate may well be our country’s most frequently discussed topic. In this work, we dive deeper – and consider the consequences of a society grown obsessed with property and possession,” says Director Kim Collier, who, like playwright Brooks, is also a winner of theatre’s highest honour, the Siminovitch Prize. “Consequently, it raises questions about the very nature of land ownership. How can we own land? Land owns us. It is us. Paradoxically, by using live-streaming cameras and an enormous array of projection technologies, audiences will be able to feel an innately rich and intimate connection to our characters’ inner lives and truly experience that pang of self-recognition in the stories reflected onstage.”

The Full Light Of Day
photo: Don Lee

Complementing the stage production, Electric Company Theatre Co-Founder Kevin Kerr has created a collection of short films shot in 360° Virtual Reality. The works can be viewed separately from the theatre production or experienced at special installations located throughout the Vancouver Playhouse lobby. These films are told from the perspectives of individual characters, placing the viewer inside their actions and perceptions. The films will be available to the public for free viewing in the Playhouse lobby during the afternoons prior to performances of The Full Light of Day.

The Full Light of Day runs January 7 – 12, 2019 at The Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton Street. For showtimes and tickets visit

5th Annual Capture Photography Festival captures April

This week, the 5th Annual Capture Photography Festival opens another month-long celebration of photography and lens-based art forms.  Until April 30th, a hundred-plus free and ticketed exhibits cover the city like the spring blossoms, bringing colour, and sometimes black & white, images to public spaces and galleries.

Capture Photography Festival is devoted to exhibiting challenging and thought-provoking photography from local and international artists.  Since 2013, the not-for-profit Festival nurtures emerging artists and engages the public with tours, films, talks, events and exhibitions at dozens of galleries and community spaces throughout Greater Vancouver as part of the Festival’s Selected and Open Exhibition Programs.

Festival Opening

Some of the public installations have been popping up at Transit stations already, but the official kick-off, takes place this Thursday, April 5th with the festival launch and Featured Exhibition, The Blue Hour, opening at Contemporary Art Gallery, 555 Nelson Street.  In addition to the Metro Vancouver based installations, Capture Photography Festival also reaches throughout BC with three television features on Knowledge Network; Jeff Wall: In Order to Make a Picture, and The Salt of the Earth on Tuesday April 3rd, and Annie Leibowitz: Life Through a Lens on April 5th.

I Was a Teenage Skateboarder in the 90s

Capture Photography Festival runs throughout the month of April 2018, for the full calendar of events visit


Friday Find:

This week, PocketLIVE, a new digital broadcast platform was launched.  The Vancouver based live broadcasting site has curated a diverse group of talent who share their talents and lives with an appreciative audience.

pocketLIVEEven though the site is only days old, the broadcasters are already filling the channels with content.  Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Performing Arts, Fashion & Makeup, Education & Opinion, Visual Arts, and Music are current categories viewers will find to watch.  Browse the categories to find Broadcasters, follow them to see when their next live or check for their next scheduled broadcast.  Your favourites build your feed so you’re watching your own interests and friends. Once you’re watching, chat with the broadcasters and other viewers to make PocketLIVE truly interactive broadcasting.

A couple of people I’ve watched so far are my friend Josh Rimer‘s daily broadcasts as he tries new things – Friday’s it’s cocktails, activist/writer/fitness coach Chad reading from his book – Enjoy the Journey: a Tale of a Backpacker.

The first 1000 people to sign up to pocketLIVE get 1000 coins which can be used to reward the broadcasters to help them on their journeys.  So sign-up, tune-in to pockeLIVE and who knows what interesting stories and people you’ll discover along the way.

Friday Find: Mashup at Vancouver Art Gallery

Until June 12th, the Vancouver Art Gallery is completely taken over with a single exhibit MashUp: The Birth Of Modern Culture.  This ground breaking exhibit covers not just all four floors of the VAG but covers a century of modern culture.

Like the Renaissance or Age of Enlightenment before, the 20th Century has seen a shift in creative thinking, not confined to convention or medium, artists have changed the way we look at culture. The resulting MashUp of media, techniques, and movements has permeated every aspect of our modern culture.

From Pablo Picasso’s revolutionary works in the Early 20th Century, to The Post-War artists like Andy Warhol or Jean-Luc Godard, MashUp move from top down through the century.  Continuing down to the Late 20th Century on Floor 2, we’ll find familiar creators of our Modern Culture, like Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry. Last, or first, depending on the order of your visit, the Ground Floor brings us to the hackers, remixers and MashUp masters of today with the centrepiece work by Barbra Kruger taking over the rotunda.
The_VAG_MashUp_The_Birth_Of_Modern_CultureEverywhere you look from top to bottom, MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture, has amazing, iconic works on display.  Make sure you stop by the Vancouver Art Gallery for a visit, or two, or three, before the exhibition closes on June 12, 2016.

#MakeItHappy with Coca-Cola #SB49

Yesterday was Super Bowl 49 and millions of people worldwide tuned in to watch the big game.  Over the recent years, Super Bowl advertising has generated even more buzz that the game itself. Millions are spent on a 30second ad in hope that it will generate a year’s worth of chatter and brand interest to make the investment worthwhile.

While most of us in Canada don’t get to see the same big budget Super Bowl one campaign did make its way onto Canadian broadcasts too. Coca-Cola debuted its update to their long-running “happiness” vibe, with the new #MakeItHappy program, the campaign hopes to tackle online negativity and bullying to make the internet a happy & positive place.

There’s no pretending that it’s not a commercial enterprise with a goal to sell more product, it’s nice to see big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and even Always (who have debuted similar positive messages in their Super Bowl ads), using their airtime to, hopefully, make a difference.

Check out the Coca-Cola #MakeItHappy music video, produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions featuring Jordin Sparks, Victoria Justice, Sam Tsui, Janel Parish, Nolan Gould, and many more teaming up to record an update of a song that will be familiar to baby-boomers – C’mon Get Happy (the Partridge Family theme song) and together showing how to spread the #MakeItHappy word across the internet.


Destination BC finds the Wild Within

Photo 2014-11-04, 09 56 19 (1)This week, at the Tourism Industry Summit, Destination British Columbia debuted its new 3 year strategic plan for selling BC to the world.

In just under a year as the tourism agency’s first full time CEO, Marsha Walden and her team has criss-crossed the province finding out how the industry felt about the current state of marketing BC. The result is a new strategy to revitalize the 30 year old Super Natural British Columbia brand and move forward with turning BC into the most highly recommended destination in North America. Gone are the ubiquitous blue skies and smiling tourists, that are interchangeable with many tourism competitors like Washington, Oregon, Alberta and others. In exchange, Destination BC introduced the new images that are designed to show that BC is wild at heart, and bring out the wild within us all.

The debut brand video and custom designed “Great Forest” font were met with big applause at the Summit and the after multiple viewings of the video and imagery, it gained even more fans.

Hopefully, it will win fans outside of BC and entice more visitors to explore, and recommend, British Columbia.

Bondax debut at Fortune Sound Club

UK duo Bondax have been getting a lot of buzz for their online release of the latest single “All I See” and now are set to debut the single on all platforms.

Released on Ultra Music in Canada on October 13th the duo are celebrating with a pair of Canadian shows; Vancouver, tomorrow October 8th at Fortune Sound Club and in Toronto on October 12th at Tattoo.

Check out the video for “All I See” then check out the show near you.