Take a Pledge & Help Tyrell Witherspoon record his next EP “Scorpio”

Vancouver pop-dance artist Tyrell Witherspoon has made big inroads in to the music scene over the last couple of years.  With singles like “Letting Go”, “Sixteen” & “One Step Closer” getting views and recognition, the singer/dancer/actor has gained respect of music industry insiders and producers. He is now ready to record his next EP, Scorpio, as you may imagine the cost of recording an independent EP isn’t cheap.  In order to make it the best recording he can, Tyrell has decided to take it to the fans to help play a part in the recording.
Tyrell has taken to Pledge Music, a crowdsourcing site to help artist connect with fans and to make music happen. Fans will get the opportunity to receive exclusive offers and help a charity while they’re helping the creative process. Tyrell has chosen to also help his favourite charity “Out In Schools”, by donating part of the money raised to the organisation that combats bullying in schools.
You can join Team Tryell on Pledge Music for the next two month, starting at just $10.

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