Tasting Plates Riley Park early bird tickets on sale

Vancouver Foodster’s next Tasting Plates event takes patrons to Riley Park, on June 14th.  Located in the heart of Vancouver, Riley Park, centred around Main Street between 16th and 30th Avenues, offers a diverse array of dining options for Tasting Platers to explore.

Early Bird Tickets for Tasting Plates Riley Park are on sale now for just $39 so you can experience the tastes of the neighbourhood first hand.  Grab your friends and family, take off with your Tasting Plates card in-hand and find the flavours that the chefs of the neighbourhood have prepared for you.

Some of the participating establishments on Tasting Plates Riley Park are;

The Main Street Honey Shoppe, 4125 Main Street

Bob Likes Thai Food, 3755 Main Street

The August Market, 3958 Main Street

The Juicery Co, 4236 Main Street

Caffe Artigiano, 4010 Main Street

More restaurants are still to be added but get your $39 Early Bird Tickets before May 31st.
Advance Tickets ($45) are on sale from June 1st until June 11th
Get your tickets on Eventbrite now.

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