The American Cheesesteak Co.

Stylish interior

The American Cheesesteak Company is Chef Anthony Sedlak’s latest venture and this time he brings his expert touch to a Philidephia tradition.  The cheesesteak is a staple on many menus around town but this ‘quick food’ restaurant steps it up and brings quality ingredients and taste variations while respecting the traditional sandwich. The stylish interior and pleasant service staff make it a cut above the other fast food locations nearby.  
With a menu 9 variations, in two sizes; 6″ or 9″, on the cheese + steak theme it can take a moment to choose, ranging from the traditional beef and cheese sandwich to added options of mushrooms, onions,

Chicken MIlanese

peppers and more.  There are also specialty cheesesteaks with prime rib plus an array of tasty sauces, add-ons and cheeses.  Including a chicken version and a vegetarian, portobello mushroom option.  It felt a bit sacrilegious to choose the “Chicken Milanese” but my friend was having a prime rib “The Cowboy”,  so we’d get to see the beef option too.
Creating a meal with fries and a drink came with a bit of a sticker shock as it added up to $20 including tax and bottle deposit (the sodas come in tradional glass bottles) but once the meal was served at our table we saw that

The Cowboy

this was indeed more than fast food and worth the value.  The Cowboy was enormous, my friend was glad to have only gotten a large sandwich without fries, he was totally satisfied with its taste and the quantity.  My ‘small’ Chicken Milanese was equally filled and filling, with a hearty good sized chicken breast, veggies, fontina cheese in a roasted tomato sauce it was a far cry from the regular chicken sandwich.  Adding on a large order of fries, which was easily enough for two, I very much saw the value in the menu price. While not somewhere I will visit everyday, The American Cheesesteak Co is defintely worth many return trips in the future.

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