The Silicone Diaries

A mesmerizing one woman show now playing at The Cultch, The Silicone Diaries tells the story of Nina Arsenault’s evolution from a 5 year old little boy in awe of the womanly naked figure of a mannequin in a department store to the post-surgical figure of a living mannequin. Rather than being a gender study, or transgender as it were, the Diaries’ entries, as told by the author herself, delve more into her seemingly never-ending quest for perfect beauty.  Part colourful drama and part controversial comedy, while Arsenault recalls the problems, people and procedures in her journey with a very controlled calm voice, her eyes give away an emotional depth that attempts to pull her into a dark abyss. Her voice breaks and and eyes water as she relives more recent memories along her voyage to silicone enhanced splendor. More humour seems to accompany the past memories, perhaps because hindsight has made her recall them with more fondness.
Relive your own memories and learn a good lesson about being happy within your own skin

The Silicone Diaries is playing nightly at The Cultch until February 25.

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