The Skin Tie by Dan MacDonald

At first glance it seems like Vancouver menswear designer Dan MacDonald has taken a complete left turn from his high school goal of being a comic book artist. However, that’s not the whole truth, instead he has discovered a new way to harness his creative side. After a dream high school summer job as an illustrator awoke him to the fact that the comic book industry has limited growth potential, MacDonald chose to head to university instead of pursuing the industry. In an effort to make extra cash the young entrepreneur started to design, illustrate and sell t-shirts, this was the birth of Dead Celebrities Clothing. Upon graduation this endeavour evolved into a more stylish and mature design initiative.
Inspired by the skinny leather ties from the 80’s, The Skin Tie is a luxury lambskin edition. The 80’s template was often made with thick, stiff leather and shorter than today’s version. Each of The Skin Ties is created from 100% lambskin, hand-cut and hand-sewn in Vancouver by Dan and his seamstress, mother. Taking a page, literally, from retro magazine advertising of the sixties the imagery for the line is as stylish as the ties themselves.  The packaging also allows MacDonald’s artistic side to surface with his illustrations of the product. Available in Black and Red leather The Skin Tie retails for $95 and is available online at DeadCelebsClothing
Watch for more ties, waistcoats and other men’s accessories to join the collection in the upcoming seasons.

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