The XX marks the spot!

The xxJamie xxThe xx – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – May 24, 2013

On a night with multiple shows happening around town The xx show at the Queen E certainly had a lot of buzz around it. The British trio arrived onstage, in their usual dark attire, like shadows emerging from a brilliant blaze of lights.  The stage lighting was one of the highlights of the show creating a dazzling display of light and lasers that complimented the wall of sound created by the band.  The credit for much of the sound goes to the talents of Jamie xx (also known as Jamie Smith) working a wide array of instruments behind guitarists and singers Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft.  A talented producer, DJ and remixer in his own right Jamie was surrounded by enough keyboards, percussion and electronic tools for a band twice their size.
The xx marks the spotWhile some of the vocals were a bit garbled due to the sound system the audience didn’t seem to notice as they sang and cheered along, to singles “Islands”, “Chained”, “Angels” and more during the 70minute set.  Promoting their latest release “Coexist” with their second visit to Vancouver in 6 months The xx didn’t say much but when they did speak it was to show their appreciation of the audience and the city for supporting them. With their recent inclusion on The Great Gatsby soundtrack and each show growing in size and status I’m sure it won’t be long before they return to even larger venues and more acclaim.The xx laser

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