Thunderbird Park – Victoria

Tucked in the corner of the Royal BC Museum Cultural Precinct in Victoria, lies Thunderbird Park. Established in 1941,  to display some of the Museum’s collection of aboriginal art.  In the following decades a program was begun to preserve some of the aboriginal artwork which was in danger of being lost to decay. Chief Mungo Martin was hired to oversea this program, building the traditional  Kwakwaka’wakwbig house” in 1953, where Martin and other Coastal artist recreated the totem poles and other momumental sculptures in the park and Museum collection.  By 1992 all of the original pieces had been replaced with replicas, and remain standing.  Originals were preserved inside the Museum in a controlled environment.   
Next time you’re are wandering in Victoria, take a moment to stop and see a bit of BC Coastal history at Thunderbird Park.

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