Tonight, Tonight! Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae – Venue – February 17, 2012

Before a small but very dedicated audience, Hot Chelle Rae made their Vancouver debut.
Even though the crowd was lacking the enthusiasm of the fans and the band certainly wasn’t lacking in the slightest.  While Nashville band has great buzz behind them with their pop infused rock , they probably would have had a larger audience in an all-ages venue but those of us in attendance were treated to a very entertaining show.
The band member’s relatively young age is not reflected in their performance, they show great skill in their musicianship and onstage persona.  The audience were treated to an intimate show that few would forget, lead singer Ryan Follesé (below) made an effort to single out and acknowledge many of the fans throughout the evening as he chatted and bantered. Guitarist Nash Overstreet (left) received huge applause each time he was in the forefront. Dancing and singing along, boisterously, to the band’s biggest hits, ‘Tonight Tonight’, ‘I Like It Like That’, ‘I Like To Dance’ and covers of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ and Weezer’s ‘I Want You To’.
Hot Chelle Rae continues on their headlining show down the West Coast of the United States, through February, before heading to Australia on tour with Taylor Swift.

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