Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts to get ready for the BBQ season

The good weather is nearly upon us so we’re going to start thinking about getting at the barbeque, here’s a few tips to remember when you’re starting off the season.

1. DO open up the hood and make sure nothing has crawled into the bbq over the winter and is still there!
2. DON’T light up the flame without checking all your gas lines are tightly secured and not clogged
3. DO remember to see if you have gas in the tank before you try to start it up.
4. DON’T leave the gas on if it doesn’t light up the first time, shut it off and let it dissipate…trust me, it’ll save the hair on your arms and elsewhere.
5. DO scrub down the grills before cooking. Heat them up and use a wire brush to get all the gunk off.
6. DON’T forget to clean the area around the ‘que, you don’t want junk blowing into the flame or getting into your food.
7. DO give yourself plenty of space to cook and prepare so you’re not cramped and crowded.
8. DON’T cross contaminate your foods, keep raw and cooked meats on separate plates and handle with separate utensils.
9. DO cook things to their proper temperature, you don’t want to start the season off with food poisoning or worse.
10. DON’T forget, you are playing with fire…respect the flames and don’t let kids or animals play around the barbeque.

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