Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts at the Gym

Since this week marked one year of me working out at Steve Nash Sports Club I thought what better time to pass on some of the observations I’ve learned or had pointed out to me that incorporate good gym etiquette.

1. DO wear proper gym attire; flipflops, jeans, cut-offs, sports bras, street shoes do not make for proper (or comfortable) gym attire.
2. DON’T hog the equipment, sometimes the gym can be busy and multiple people will want the same equipment…share it!
3. DO wipe down equipment after yourself…no one wants to sit down at a machine to find it a sweaty mess from the previous user.
4. DON’T forget to wear deodorant…only you think your musk is charming and sexy!
5. DO put the weights away, you were able to get them off the rack to start your exercise so you can put them back (in the correct place) when you’re done.
6. DON’T walk in-front of the mirror or crowd into someone else’s workout space it’s distracting and disrespectful of their space.
7. DO control your volume, both on your personal music player and your own voice, if you need to talk with your work out partner keep it to a minimum volume, the rest of the gym doesn’t need to hear your conversation nor do they need to hear you grunting…this isn’t a porn set!
8. DON’T stand around or hang on equipment socializing on the workout floor.  It’s ok to say a quick hello to a friend but catching up on what’s been happening over the last week can wait until you’re finished.
9. DO line up patiently and orderly for classes, showers and equipment if a line forms.
10. DON’T be creepy, it’s alright to make eye contact and say hello to people you see regularly at the gym but don’t leer and linger over them like meat!

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