Top 10 Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts Of Being A Pedestrian

Since I recently saw a pedestrian nearly cause an accident the other day, I thought I’d put out some helpful ‘reminders’

1. DO walk in a straight line down the sidewalk
2. DON’T stop randomly on the sidewalk without checking that people are right behind you.
3. DO stop at crosswalks and pay attention to the signals. Advance/delayed walk signals are there for a reason.
4. DON’T jaywalk without looking…pedestrians are killed all the time and it’s not always the drivers fault.
5. DO pay attention to your surroundings when walking, especially at night and alone
6. DON’T wear headphones and have your music turned up so loud you can’t hear what’s happening on the street; sirens, horns, shouts etc
7. DO take the time to enjoy your walk even if you are in a hurry…look around and see.
8. DON’T cut across the sidewalk to get to a shop or something without looking behind you, you’re possibly walking into the path of someone else continuing to walk straight ahead.
9. DO smile if you happen to make eye contact with another human being
10. DON’T walk into things while you’re head is down looking at your phone…trust me, it happens!

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