Top 10 memories of Vancouver Outgames/Pride Week

So many great and fun activities and events happened over the last week of July with the North American Outgames and Vancouver Pride week combined it’s hard to choose a favourite so here’s my Top 10!

10. Seeing the Outgames Flag relay take off for Whistler on Helijet, bonus having my good friend as one of the flag runners.
9. Seeing friends at the many fun and community-minded networking events
8. Spending the day in the sun with friends watching the festivities of the Pride parade & festival
7. Commiserating, mocking and making the most of the little organizational delays and glitches (that happen at every large event) with friends, both old and new.
6. Seeing great performances and meeting some of the artists over the week like Sugarbeach, Wynter Gordon, Dragonette and Ace of Base.
5. Watching my friend Tyrell Witherspoon perform absolutely everywhere throughout the week, often multiple shows in the same day.
4. Meeting up and hanging out with friends from out of town an showing them Vancouver is a fun city…and hearing that they agree!
3. Going to parties and events from afternoon to morning, like Davie Street Party, Celebrities, Five-Sixty, IronRod, Outgames Opening, Showcase and Closing parties, Anthem Party…
2. Having had a blast at an Anthem Party, bumping into old friends on the street after, then not getting into one party to meet up with friends, only to have an unexpectedly fantastic night with different friends at another party.
1. Winning The Feud at Numbers with a dream team and beating the more seasoned (and trash talking) teams!

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