Top 10 PNE Activities

Today the Pacific National Exhibition opens for it’s 101st year.
Most of us have visited The Fair at the PNE (not to be confused with Playland, that amusement park which is open all summer) and have fond memories of the activities, food  and entertainment.

In no particular order here’s some of my faves!

10. 4-H Festival – growing up, I was a 4-H’er and we came to the PNE to show & auction off our cattle each year, so it still brings back memories.
9. Safeway Farm Country – once the 4-H clubs leave Farm Country takes over and brings the country to the city, it’s cool to see ‘city’ kids and adults experience some of the farm life, especially the “Mooternaty Ward” with the newborn calves.
8. Jimmy’s Lunch – even if I don’t eat there, it’s still cool to see that this burger & fries institution is still around, as a kid in 4-H we ate there a lot.
7. SuperDogs – who doesn’t love the Super Dogs?
6. Free evening entertainment – Concerts, Pyro shows, Parades all sorts of free entertainment happens at the Fair.
5. The vendor exhibits – as much as it’s often a bunch of stuff that you don’t need, it’s always fun to wander through and listen to them try to sell you a Shamwow or Gunsu knife!
4. Hunky Bills – a Vancouver icon for perogies & sausage.
3. Win A House! Win A Car! ticket sellers – it wouldn’t feel like the PNE if you didn’t hear those words shouted randomly throughout the park
2. PNE Prize Home – touring the fully furnished prize home feels like you’re wandering through someone else’s place.
1. Those Little Donuts – need I say more?!

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