Top 10 Things We’ll Miss When Summer Finally Comes To Vancouver

Since spring seems to have so far eluded us here on the Wet Coast of Canada, I thought I’d try to imagine what it would be like in a Vancouver without rain?

1. Not being lulled to sleep by the sounds of rain pounding on the roof.
2. Having to choose which colour umbrella to coordinate with the day’s wardrobe or which size based on the day’s events.
3. The smell of footwear drying on the heater.
4. The sweet gentle melody of The Weather Network’s local forecast background music as we check it multiple times per day to see what’s changed.
5. Carrying extra socks in the briefcase as back up in case of sudden soaking.
6. Having an excuse of blaming the rain instead of perspiration if you’re running late for a meeting & don’t look ‘prime’
7. Ladies ridiculous colourful/patterned rubber boots, no matter how you tart them up, they’re still a rubber boot!
8. Pruned fingers and toes from being perpetually damp.
9. Not wearing sunglasses and still not squinting in the midday overcast.
10. Webbed feet, they’re very good for stability and balance.

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