Tsuki Sushi Bar

Tsuki Sushi is a recent addition to the up and coming area between Vancouver’s Chinatown and Yaletown around International Village Mall.  The restaurant was recommended by a lady who resides in the Sorella Housing For Women above the sushi bar, who overheard Billy and I talking about maybe having sushi for dinner. She said “I go there all the time, you won’t be disappointed” so we took her advice and stepped inside.

Opened in the Fall of 2012, Tsuki Sushi is the brainchild of Head Chef Jason Keita Kobayashi, who has developed a creative menu featuring fresh, local, Ocean Wise ingredients. Traditional Japanese items, donburri, uramaki, sushi & sides sit alongside some of Chef’s unique Craft Sushi creations.  Rolls like; Philadelphia (Cream Cheese, Cucumber,Avocado with Smoked Salmon on top), Special BC (Seared Salmon and Ikura on top of BC Roll), White (Dungeness Crab on top of Scallop Special Roll, torched w/ Tsuki Sauce) and Vancouver (Steamed Tuna w/ Cucumber, Mayo, Teriyaki Sauce) are some of just a few of the beautifully presented rolls. There’s plenty for vegetarians too like Caterpillar (Avocado on top of Yam Roll), Popeye (Spinach, Avocado, Cucumber inside w/Inari on top) or Vegetable (Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce, Sweet Peppers, Kaiware, Spicy Mayo).

While the room is small, 30 seats, there appears to be a lot of take-away trade as the 3 chefs in the open kitchen were constantly in motion filling orders.  The volume seemed to cause a few service orders, our main courses were served 5 minutes apart and the accompanying miso soup was forgotten until we asked. However, the freshness and artistic presentation made us soon forgive these services slips. The Smoked Salmon Sunomono and Ebi Sunomono were both crisp and reshreshing. The Vancouver and Philadelphia rolls satisfied both the taste buds and eyes, as the appeared like works of art across the white canvas plate.  The deconstructed Chirashi Donburri was equally as stunning as the assorted sashimi spread like a palette of colour ready to cross your palate.

Tsuki Sushi is located at 509 Abbott Street, Vancouver. Find it online at tsukisushibar.ca, facebook.com/tsukisushibar or on Twitter @TsukiVancouver

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