Desert Island Discs – Disc 6

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Stereophonics – Just Enough Education to Perform

This was a difficult decision. The Stereophonics are one of my favourite bands, so choosing just one of their albums really made me think about them in depth. This 2001 release was their third studio album and to me the one that perfected the ‘phonics sound.
Their first album, Word Gets Around, opened the door and gave the public a peak, the second, Performance and Cocktails, announced their arrival and made the public take notice. On Just Enough Education to Perform or J.E.E.P as it was known, the band produced an album that feels relaxed and has a mature, natural sound.  They didn’t have to try to create the ‘phonics sound, it just was who they were and it came organically.
It’s also a more diverse sounding album while at the same time holding onto who they are; lead single Mr Writer doesn’t sound like second single Have A Nice Day while a cover of 60’s Handbags and Gladrags is made to sound like it belongs on a Stereophonics album.
Having had the privilege to see them live many times and meet the band a couple of times they really are the nicest guys. One example stands out, it had started snowing during their set and started getting heavier as we hung out backstage, as we were saying goodbyes, each one of them said “get home safe” to us and you really felt like they meant it.
This album sounds most like them, a truly nice collection of songs (or guys) that make up a whole perfect package (or band).

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