Diamond Rings – Not In The Rough Much Longer

Diamond Rings – Biltmore Cabaret – November 20, 2010

John O’Regan introduced his alter ego Diamond Rings to the crowd at Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret Saturday night. A unique combination of syth-pop and spandex, Diamond Rings is a showman like few others.  His blend of 80’s new wave and singer songwriter rock sounds current and retro at the same time.  Behind the flash and glam there’s a very talented musician, playing keyboards and guitar on stage, there’s a lot of sound going on for a one man show.
A lot of the mostly hipster crowd seemed prepared for what they were about to witness…going wild in the front row, shouting out song titles, singing and dancing  along. As the hour long set progressed a wave of enthusiasm swept over the rest of the audience as the exuberence caught on, it was like watching the birth of a star. If they didn’t arrive a fan, I’m sure they left as one.

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