Fran Healy – Mr Nice Guy

Fran Healy leaves the mic aside

Fran Healy – The Vogue Theatre – August 17, 2010

Without a doubt this has to be one of the most special shows I’ve ever been fortunate enough to attend (a big thank you to my friend, David).
I’ve seen Travis on numerous tours but this was lead singer Fran Healy’s first solo journey into Vancouver in advance of his upcoming solo album, Wreckorder.

Unfortunately the audience was quite small, only about 250 people. But fortunately, this allowed us to hear the songs in a way they were truly meant to be. The Vogue Theatre is a classic old theatre with acoustics built for pure sound, Fran took this opportunity to step out from behind the mic, unplug and perform completely acoustic for an entire set; a mix of classic Travis, new solo work along with engaging stories about the origins of songs.  It felt like we were just a few people in a coffee house with the artist in the corner chatting with friends in between performing some songs. It was amazing!

As if treating us to an amazing set wasn’t enough, after the performance he took another 45minutes to chat and take photos with the fans signing anything put in front of him.  I’m sure the venue staff were anxious to close up the theatre and get home but Fran kept chatting and didn’t rush anyone. So engaging and genuine on and off stage…a great guy.

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